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What Causes Breast Cancer?

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:48pm

I just had an interview with WMTW TV Channel 8 (Portland, Maine), about the Maine Specialty License Plate for Breast Cancer effort. It will air tonight, so please tune in at 6 & 11 p.m.!

I was listening to the Think Pink local radio telethon (promoting a specialty license plate for breast cancer awareness ) a few weeks back, and an oncologist was asked this important question: “What causes breast cancer?”

The doctor proceeded to talk about genetic research, but she didn't answer the question completely about what causes breast cancer. She only answered a small part of it. Her answer would make the average person with a family history of breast cancer feel like a victim of genetics. But we don't have to be victims. There is A LOT we CAN do.

My thought on hearing this conversation was, “Yes, maybe some people are genetically predisposed to getting certain cancers, but wouldn’t common sense beg the questions ... Are we are leading the same lifestyle as our mothers? Exposed to the same cancer-causing chemicals?  Eating foods that are as high in hormone-disrupting chemicals (found in animal protein & processed chemicalized junk foods)?”

There is a cause of cancer, but few people in the medical field are focusing on the cause. Everything has a cause and effect. And there is plenty of evidence out there, but we don’t hear about it unless we do our own research. People need to know that the chemical carcinogens are concentrated in the high fat (any cut of meat is from 50 to 75 percent fat calories) of the food we eat. And they need it now so that they can take the necessary steps in preventing and healing their illness. There is a lot they CAN do. If we talk about ALL CAUSES, we can talk about SOLUTIONS. Yes, there are things WE as individuals can do to prevent and heal cancer.

As written by Dr. Janette Sherman, in Life’s Delicate Balance, the Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer, breast cancer is caused by chemical carcinogens, ionization radiation, endocrine disrupters and genetic interactions.

It's now common knowledge that too much estrogen (a endocrine disrupter) is implicated in causing breast cancer. Xenoestrogens  chemicals that mimic estrogenic activity, are implicated as well (i.e. DDT, PBB’s, dioxin and many more). I realize that we can't protect ourselves from some things, but we can lower our estrogen levels by following a plant-based diet (organic grains, beans, & vegetables). These foods have negligible amounts of these toxins.

We can make a huge difference by what we put in our mouths. And, we can start right now. We don’t have to wait a zillion years until someone figures out a way to manipulate our genes. I wouldn’t be here if I had bet my survival on that.

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