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What can i eat to fill me up, thats healthy and good for me??

Posted by chris_dawson

Hey everyone need some help, i work hard and train hard im just after some advice on nutrition i currently exercise twice a day as im training for an endurance course i do one cv session consisting of a minimum of 4 to 8 miles running or fartlek. I also do one weights session aswell consisting of low weights high reps at a fast pace concerntrating on one muscle group a day  usually about 30 mins long is enough to feel a massive burn. I take creatine liquid drops before most sessions. My daily diet consists of fruit for breakfast, some kind of medium salad for lunch with a protein portion and a large salad and a low fat meal for dinner, with a few cups of coffee thrown in throughout the day at work. id like to think im reasonably fit i can do 3 miles in 19 minutes an 6 half miles in 50 mins. im 6ft 2 an weigh about 13 st 2. my goals are to keep increasing my fitness level whilst losing weight and toning an gaining a better strength and stubility of my own body weight. i train from sunday to friday having saturdays off. I know i have a very slow metabolism if i ate what any normal human being did i would gain weight easily but at the same time am fed up with almost being permanantly hungry please help guys!
Kind regards chris


Thanks for your help and advice Amanda and Cliff

much appreciated

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Wow. First of all that's a great deal of exercise so it's very important that you fuel up the right way. As a holistic nutritionist I like to know a little more about the whole person before giving recommendations but really what you need are some whole foods with some real nutrient density. Proteins are definitely important for someone who is exercising the amount you are: I would suggest a new zealand whey protein smoothie mix in the morning with added greens and chia seeds to give you that extra push and make you feel more energetic and more full. Chia has been used by runners for years - including running tribes in various areas of south america, new mexico and africa. I would also suggest you add a little more fuel in the way of some ancient whole grains that are high in protein like quinoa or even small amounts of brown rice. A serving of grain is just 1/2 a cup so don't go overboard but it will give you the fuel you need to keep moving forward. Hope's that helps as a start.
I encourage you to read this before you take another bite out of something that may only be tearing your body down. The problem with our food supply these days is that it is lacking in serious nutrition.  The plants are often grown on over-farmed, depleted soil, doused with pesticides, processed with high heat and chemicals, and basically dead by the time you eat them, especially if a microwave is involved.  There’s very little life force in the food available to most people today.  

Organic foods are a little better, but you have to eat piles and piles of organic produce to notice any real benefits to your health.   If you’re eating processed foods or dining out frequently, then your body is constantly degenerating.  Just think about all the butter, sugar and "hidden" ingredients in most food to understand why obesity is epidemic.

This is why CONCENTRATED WHOLE FOODS are the answer to obtaining serious nutrition in fewer calories.  They give the body the nutrients it is crying out for from real, live, whole foods.  It's like juicing, only easier and more effective. 

Foods that fill you up and keep you satiated are fat (nuts, seeds, olives) , protein (hemp seeds, quinoa, soya, beans) and fibre (beans and vegetables)

Obvious points that jump out are to  improve breakfast if you are going to have fruit choose berries but you'll need some complex carbs and protein to set you up for the day so add in some oats and shelled hempseeds for instance  also - replace the coffee with another drink.


Whole foods! Nutrient dense fats and proteins do the best job at making you feel satiated. I'd recommend meat from pasture-raised animals (beef, lamb, elk, bison), chicken, eggs, fish.
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