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what are the right foods to eat fo colon cancer

Posted by Priscella N. Facebook

what foods would should one eat who is diagnosed with colon cancer
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With any type of disease you want to make sure you are on a mostly organic whole foods diet. You want to eats greens at every meal and make sure you stop consuming sugar. You want your immunity to increase and that means a diet that is full of healthy real nutrients.  I would suggest a green smoothie everyday and make sure you're getting enough real fibre from things like flax seed or psyllium. 

Some great books on the topic are:   Crazy Sexy Diet a diet that is definitely anti-cancer, and The Cancer Fighting Kitchen are just two among lots that are great. 

Best foods to eat for colon cancer are meat, particularly processed meat and dairy - you'll greatly increase your risk of colon cancer if you eat lots of these foods.

 Best foods to eat to avoid colon cancer, and other cancers and diabetes and heart diseaseare foods from plants - eat plant foods, fruits and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow and black and brown (beans)  to reduce your risk.


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