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What’s Your Sweet Spot?

Posted Jan 10 2010 9:57pm

“The sweet spot = when your personal and professional worlds not only intersect, but exist symbiotically.”

I came up with this quote (and shared it as my Facebook status) last week because all of a sudden I saw my professional life and personal life coming together in the most incredible of ways, inter-meshing in ways I never thought possible, until now.

I can’t say much, but I will say this: my involvement in social media is really helping me at work, and my career choice (PR) is really helping me with my blogging “moonlighting” gig.

While I wouldn’t wish my disordered eating issues on anyone, the fact that I took to blogging to get through it all has presented me a wealth of opportunities I never would have had, had I not been blogging about said issues.

I don’t pretend I am “cured” 100 percent (my mind is still sometimes disordered and I need to remember to quiet the noise), but last week when Fitness Magazine called me to verify/fact-check some things for the March 2010 issue (I’m going to be one of the people featured in an article about over-exercising), the reporter asked how I am now … and I told her the honest truth: I’m good. I really am.

Sure, I still struggle with over-eating at times (who doesn’t?) and emotional eating at times (again, who doesn’t?). And sure, sometimes I lengthen a workout to compensate for a big indulgence, but that’s no different than the average woman.

I’m not spending hours at the gym or doubling up on workouts like I used to do, and I’m not skipping social functions or passing up travel opportunities simply to exercise. Plus, if I’m tired, I don’t force myself to work out. And since my heart monitor battery died, I haven’t replaced it. I am not obsessed with calorie-burning like I used to be.

I’ve finally found a realm of moderation/normalcy … one I strove for, for years. And it feels really good.

And so I think through my problem … I, ironically (or not?) found my personal sweet spot. Today, the two aspects of my life (personal and professional) are reinforcing one another, and it is a beautiful thing.

I know this was kind of a random post, but I just wanted to share this with you all today since it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

How about you? What do you consider to be your “sweet spot” in life? Do you keep your personal and professional lives separate? If you haven’t yet, would you want to mesh them?

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