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What’s In My Trader Joe’s Bag

Posted Apr 08 2013 1:55pm

In the past 3 years I’ve lived in 3 different states, and at every location I’ve been no closer than 60 minutes away from a Trader Joe’s store.

So when I travel to a nearby city that has a Trader Joe’s, I always make sure that I make a pit stop and pick up a few non-perishable items.  As bummed as I am about not being able to drive a couple hours with cheap fresh veggies, awesome hummus combos, and glorious goat cheese in the trunk of my car- I still leave on a high note having the chance to walk around in the kingdom store that is Trader Joe’s!

Last week I had an opportunity for a TJ run (and a 2.5 hour drive home afterwards).  I like seeing what other people purchase at their TJ stores, so I thought I’d share mine.

I walked right into the store and was immediately greeted with inexpensive flower bouquets and herb pots.  I told myself I could only have one or the other….so of course I went with the herbs.  Oregano and thyme- thyme is hands down my favorite herb!  I feel like it goes with pretty much anything and everything I make. Luuuurve it.  IMG_2400

A humongous bottle of olive oil (for $4.99 might I add!), capers, light coconut milk, thyme (told you I’m obsessed), cranberry apple “butter” (aka the most delicious jam ever that conveniently goes on everything), curry sauce for a busy night and TWO jars of raw almond butter.  I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t consider purchasing 3 ;) IMG_2399

2 different kinds of tea- I’m still on a huge peppermint kick, but I’ve been craving a floral tea before bed recently. Chamomile it was! TJs doesn’t have a huge tea selection, but the price is righttttt. IMG_2401

Ginger/Almond/Cashew cereal, apples, spicy soy/flaxseed chips (out of the world btw!), ww pitas anddddddd of course wine.  Driving home I kicked myself for not buying the store out of their $5 bottles of wine.  Totally should have bought more.   IMG_2402

I carried a basket while I shopped with the intention of only allowing myself to spend as much as I could fit in it.   If I had a cart, the damage would have been painful for my wallet.  Especially since I just went on a large grocery haul a couple days prior.

So, those are the few items I snatched from Trader Joe’s!  A couple things to keep me satisfied (mostly the almond butter and wine ;) ) and I’ll be satisfied til my next “city” run and a stop at TJs!

How do you practice self-control at the grocery store?

Favorite item at Trader Joe’s?  

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