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What’s for (Grain Free) Breakfast These Days?

Posted Aug 07 2013 11:46am

I’ve had a number of conversations with some friends and family about breakfast recently, and so I decided to put together a collection of morning food photos from the past few months.  Once upon a time I ate overnight oats for breakfast every day!  As I’ve mentioned more than once lately, I’m going the grain free route most of the time and don’t even miss my beloved oats, cold cereal or cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with almond butter and banana.

( This [sorta scary] blog post  is a good but lengthy explanation of why I’ve chosen to follow a mostly grain free lifestyle.   The Paleo Solution , Wheat Belly and The Primal Blueprint are loaded with convincing info and studies too.)

I’m up every day right around 6 AM, drink a couple cups of coffee with half and half and  usually feel ready for something more substantial anywhere between 9:30 and 10:30.  These days, breakfast is usually some form of protein and a vegetable.

This was today’s breakfast beauty, tossed salad with salmon.  I had an email conversation with a friend yesterday about canned salmon and it left me with a hankering for salmon salad this morning.

Salmon Salad

This salad started with half an avocado (mashed), a tbsp of dijon mustard, a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Once my dressing ingredients were well combined, I added half a can of salmon and then half a small cucumber, one shredded carrot and half of a giant (DELICIOUS!) tomato and a heaping handful of pre-prepped salad greens.

Stirred together to coat the vegetables well with the fish and dressing mix, and then plopped it into a shallow salad plate and called it breakfast.

(The Other Half got an exact replica of this salad with the other half of all the half ingredients I just listed.)

If it’s not a vegetable on the side, it’s a low sugar fruit like berries.  We are smack dab in the middle of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year in upstate New York and I am berry, berry happy about that.  (*insert canned laughter here*)

A breakfast example from earlier this summer, leftover salmon from dinner with some strawberries and raspberries.

Pink Breakfast

This particular pink breakfast was shared with the guy in green.

Breakfast Sharing

Another day it was one over easy egg (usually two, but there was only one egg left!) a couple of Applegate Farms sausage links with a side of steamed broccoli.

Sausage Egg Broccoli

Making extra of whatever we’re having for dinner makes it easy to add to add some vegetables to my breakfast plate.

Same plate, different day.  Same vegetable, different meat.  Two over easy eggs, bacon and more broccoli.

Broccoli Bacon Eggs

If I have time in the morning, I might saute up a big bunch of kale.  This was breakfast earlier this week, served along side sliced ham from a local pig farmer.

Ham and Sauteed Kale

In order to prep kale though, I need to find a way to keep the little boy busy,

Keep Him Busy

or else this happens while I’m standing at the sink.

Kaz on Table

( Do you see what I mean? )

When he’s at the sink he’s photo bombing my kale pictures, but at least he’s not standing on the table.

Kale Photo Bomber

If I’m short on time or we need to be out the door first thing, I usually go the “yogurt and berries” route.

Plain whole milk kefir, a handful of frozen strawberries, half a banana, a handful of spinach – GO!

Strawberry Spinach Kefir Smoothie

Or kefir poured over fresh strawberries, no blender needed – I’ll use my teeth today, thanks.  (P.S., this makes a great afternoon snack too.)


A patriotic combo of blueberries, plain full fat greek yogurt and strawberries.

Berry Bowl

Or some pitted cherries, sunk into a bowl of regular plain full fat yogurt.

Cherries and Plain Yogurt

And for the record, I use to think people who ate plain yogurt had no taste buds, but plain yogurt is The Bomb.  The Fermented Bomb.  Maybe it’s because I go the full fat/whole milk route now so it’s more palatble than low fat or fat free?  Whatever the case, I love it – don’t be afraid to try it!

So that’s what I’ve got.  Eating anything good for breakfast these days?  Tell us all about it!

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