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What’s Eating You

Posted Oct 10 2010 3:52pm

Hello there! How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was insanely busy…and now I’m struggling to entertain myself. Funny how that happens. In a nutshell:

Thursday: I finished classes and headed straight to USC to visit my friend! Now, riddle me this: How is a ‘natural vegan’ going to survive the food situation on a road trip?

Answer: Easy! …as long as you’re somewhat prepared:


Bananas, Larabars, brown rice protein, dry roasted edamame, & dried apricots.

For dinner, I swung by a cafe and got a loaded veggie salad to which I threw some of my dry roasted edamame & apricots on top. The sweet + salty combo atop the bed of fresh veggies was really good :D

*I arrived at USC, and fun times ensued ;)

Friday: I re-packed all my stuff and headed to Charleston for a ring ceremony.

I can sum up the whole experience in one word: weird. …and that’s all I care to say about that haha

*I had fun this weekend but I’m glad to be back at my own school! And I’m loving what’s planned for this week –>


That would be nothing (other than my training plan). Music to my ears eyes.

*With no homework due, I had plenty of time to cook…


Spiced Lentil-Coconut Stew from The Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes Cookbook  


A roasted sweet potato topped with the world’s best bbq sauce




A salad featuring baby spinach, peas, pickle relish, & raw tempeh all topped with my super simple mustard dressing.

I’ll give you the recipe when I come up with the right proportions :)


Question: Has anyone seen the previews for E!’s new show What’s Eating You ?

“True stories of food, fear, and obsession. Men and women battle distorted body images and self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions in a fight for their lives.”

*When I first saw the commercial for this series, I thought it would be a good thing to bring awareness to this issue. However, E!’s message board is flooded with negative comments…

“You have no idea how many girls in my school as a kid used these type of ‘educational’ and ‘shock’ videos that were meant to deter them from having food problems, actually served as a learning tool.”

“What I do not think you understand is that eating disorders are fueled by triggers and triggers are things like pictures, songs, books and documentaries. The normal mind would view these things and process them as dangerous and sad. Unfortunately the disordered mind views these things as motivation, tools to convince oneself that it is never enough.”

“I worry that the show will sensationalize the eating disorder behaviors for ratings and will under-emphasize the root causes and the treatment methods.”

What do you think?

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