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Weston Non Stick Single Hamburger Press

Posted Aug 23 2010 7:18am

Weston Non Stick Single Hamburger Press

Our single patty maker will allow you to create perfectly sized, pressed, and portioned burgers every time with your own ground meats. Making your burgers yourself also allows you to season them exactly to your taste. Perfectly formed burgers eliminate ‘fat’ burgers that are undercooked in the center, and ‘thin’ burgers that fall apart when you try and flip them. New improved patent pending design. Non-stick coated surface keeps patties from tearing apart. This is the fastest, easiest way to make hamburger patties for a weekend cookout or to stock the freezer. It creates a perfect, uniform patty every time. Simply place ground meat on a restaurant-grade paper sheet in the press. Put another sheet of paper on top, and press down firmly. Patty weights conveniently marked to keep your patties the same size, every time. The spring-loaded, patty-pressing design compacts the patty tightly, so your patties will not fall apart on the grill. Product features: adjustable patty thickness up to 1-1/2-inch. Patty diameter 4-3/8-inch. Pre-made patties can go right from the freezer to the grill without thawing. Solid aluminum that’s easy to clean and will provide years of service.

3 Stars Good for pressing meat – but be careful!
It is hard to find a quality non-sticking meat presser these days, and let me tell you, Weston delivers. My July 4 BBQ was a complete success thanks to Weston. Thanks, Weston!

But not everything is bright and sunny with Weston Non-Stick Single Hamburger Press. Yes, it presses meat without that stick and smudge but it is at the price of danger and dismay. I got the wrong kind of meat stuck in my Weston the other day (I won’t get too specific!), and I was very traumatized and suffered from extreme pain for several days. Please be careful using this product! It is not for children, and should only be used for hamburgers or circular-shaped hotdogs.

All in all, Weston delivers. Great product. But please watch out!

1 Star better using your hands
Bad product, poor quality manufacturing, cheap metal construction, didtn’t work well, easier to make burgers by hand. I threw it away. Fortunately, I was only out about $10.00. You can’t always trust what you order on the internet.

4 Stars Good but not perfect
Have used the Weston several times now and in general I am pleased with the product. You must use either wax paper or pre-cut patty papers or the hamburger will stick to the mold. The set-up for thickness is a little iffy but not overly difficult. There are marks on the adjustment stem for different weight patties but a little “tweaking” to achieve a fully formed patty can be required. Once set up the press is a marvel.

The only downside is clean-up. A little moisture and debris from the patty will get through and the form’s adjustable platen can allow food to migrate into the innards of the press. Unless you wash in the dish washer, you can’t be really sure you have gotten all of that left-over hamburger. Would have loved an easily removable top platen for cleaning. Outside of that I have added a piece of plastic wrap to the top and bottom in addition to using patty papers. The plastic wrap prevents food from getting onto the surfaces and the patty papers give me a quick removal of the patty. Kind of cool to walk out to the bar-b-que with a stack of tenderloin burgers, all perfectly formed and equally sized.

5 Stars Hamburger press
This is a great product. Professional shaped hamburgers in seconds.

Use wax paper on top and bottom to make it really non stick.

I used to shape my burgers by hand. Now I just grab a handful of ground beef and put the press on it.

The adjustment for patty size is also a great feature.

4 Stars Makes patty making a breeze
Very pleased with this hamburger press. I used the Weston Patty Papers top and bottom, which makes removing and stacking the patties a breeze, as well as making for easier cleanup. The papers also make it easy to put the patties on the grill. I do agree with another reviewer that the patty size dial is hard to read, but I plan to leave it set at one-third of a pound, so not that big of a deal. I gather this needs to be hand-washed, so this and the hard-to-read markings knock off a star.

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