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Well I guess signing up on here was a waste of time!

Posted Feb 23 2010 11:11am 3 Comments
I guess signing up on here was a waste of my time As Absolutely Know one has even so much as said helloor welcome I have even  Responded to others and I get nothing from anyone!It has been over a week! Glad I didn't have to pay for this . What a waste! 
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I apologize for your bad experience. Have you been trying to ask questions and no one has been responding? Because you should try asking the health mavens since they are he experts on health topics. I hope you give it another try.
Wow!  You waited a whole WEEK?  Jeepers!

Jenna, I'm sorry you feel this has been a waste of time.  This forum has such valuable information and continues to be a blessing to me. If you've contacted me and I've not responded, I apologize.  But I hope you will continue to use Wellsphere to locate information and to contact the health mavens.

All my best, Bibmomma

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