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Welcome Friday Followers! 2 success stories in one!

Posted Mar 19 2010 12:00am
I am participating in yet another Follow Friday, I loved it last week, and can't wait to get more followers of our lovely blog & find new fun blogs to follow as well!


Today I am sharing a success story close to me, my brother and his beautiful wife.


Taylor has lost 100 pounds, Kristie has lost 35 pounds and they both look phenomenal!!

Here are the tips Taylor gave to send to you readers...
Number one thing was we stopped eating out.
2. Cooked together and ate together.
3. Cooked high protein meals.
4. Focused on high fiber foods.
5. Reduced calorie intake to about 50% RDA
6. Started a more active lifestyle (spent less time watching TV and more time on projects and chores).
7. Stopped eating snacks and candy, focused A LOT on vegetables.
8. Get on the scale EVERY day.
9. Shared plate or meals. This helped us cut down what we ate especially when we where around other people. We still get the good taste, but eat a lot less.
10. Complement each other. Everyone likes hearing they are doing good.

Here are the tips Kristie gave to send to you readers...
  1. Only grocery shopping on the outside of the store. Fresh fruits and veggies, meats, cheeses, dairy and grains.
  2. No treats in the house (i.e. cookies, chips, soda and candy)...ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE!
  3. Always have a bowl of fresh fruits on the counter in sight so when you get the munchies the fruit is what catches your eye and is a sweet treat.
  4. Encourage each other and "kindly" point out bad choices. At first I wanted to stop by McDonalds for a "healthy" chicken anything at McDonalds is healthy...and Taylor would just mention how many calories it had or how much of something else I could have with the same amount of calories.
  5. Have healthy snacks for in the car on the way home. We have a 30-40 minute commute and it just gets harder and harder to say no to fast food when your hungry so we would pop popcorn before leaving work or share an apple and a few oranges. Keeping your mouth busy, even with healthy food, while passing a lot of fast food chains really helps.
  6. Motivate each other. We constantly congratulated each other on EVERY pound lost. Always make sure to point out when the other one looks nice in a shirt or pair of pants they haven't fit into in a while.
  7. Cook dinner together. We would come home and spend the first 30 minutes cooking chicken, steaming veggies and baking rolls and not only were we eating healthy together but we felt like we got extra time together to talk about our day or visit without the TV or other distractions.
  8. Set goals together. Because men loose faster than women our weight loss goals for the month weren't always the same but we would set them together and celebrate our success together
  9. I really like writing my weight on the mirror each morning with a dry and erase marker. I track my weight loss for a whole week before erasing it and it makes it so easy to see that those days that I had some cookies or a few extra rolls for dinner I didn't even loose half a pound and the days that I was good I would lose 1 to 1.5 pounds for the day. That is really motivating to eat good as well

My favorite thing about Taylor and Kristie's weight loss is that they worked together to achieve their goals, and they continue to do so.
I have talked several times about having a good support system, and they are a PERFECT example.

Congrats to Taylor and Kristie! I am so proud of their accomplishments, and I think you should wish them good job too!
Too bad they don't blog so I can't send you anywhere to do that... ;)

What tip of theirs would you like to focus on the most to help you strive for a healthier lifestyle?


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