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Welcome Back Laptop

Posted Aug 31 2009 11:02pm

A few months ago I always used my laptop for picture uploading and blogging. My laptop uses Windows Vista.
Then my laptop stopped working. I took it in to get repaired. In the meantime I was using our non-Vista PC.

Several weeks later I got my laptop back. I continued, instead, to use the PC for my pictures. I didn’t bother to boot up my laptop again for a couple months. Until right now. Why? Well honestly, I was afraid that I would have to reload the entire thing – all the programs, my backed up documents etc. And it just seemed daunting. So I put it off.

Well didn’t I feel like a Fool when I finally decided I would boot it up and get it all set up again and… it was just as it was when I first took it in to get repaired, all programs and documents intact, no set up necessary.

The point of this “story”? I am now back to blogging with my laptop. Which means that I am doing all of my picture sorting and editing using the oh-so-convenient Windows Vista Photo Gallery quick picture editing that I was not able to use on the PC. Which means that my pictures will be slightly brighter and more vibrant like they used to be a few months ago before I started using the PC that didn’t have such quick editing abilities.
Not the most thrilling of news flashes but I missed my contrast so it makes me happy. :)


—- Okay time for a RECAP —-


I don’t know what happened to half of what I ate this day but here’s what I do know…

At one point in the afternoon, before running off to a hair appointment and after running on the treadmill, I made a veggified snack plate of spinach, mushrooms, babycarrots, plaintofu with a soy/rice vinegar/hoisin dressing and some sour cream/honey mustard mixed for dipping. 006004

I went and got my highlights touched up (my roots were looking a little rude) and my ends trimmed but there was no drastic change. In other words it looked nearly the exact same. All in the name of healthy hair ends I guess. 

After a new load of groceries that wouldn’t quite fit into the freezer, my mom pulled out some ground turkey so I threw it into a pan and made myself some dinner.

In with the turkey went some garlic, salsa, red pepper, onion, tomato sauce, hot sauce and oregano. It was completely random but turned out quite tasty served over steamed spinach and broccoli. Side dish of baked baby potatoes and a slice of garlic bun.



Friday night was dancing time. It was cold out so I decided to wear pants. Terrible idea. The club I went to does these special effect CO2 blasts but apparently they look better with the air conditioning off.2

So they decided to leave the AC off that night, even though the CO2 goes off like once an hour. Um, no AC in a hot and packed club?! So. Dumb. We were all sweating buckets in there. We still managed to dance like fools though.



I’m pretty sure I did absolutely nothing on Saturday.

Except eat..

A giant bowl of pumpkin mixed with strawberry yogurt, cinnamon and Kashi Honey Puffed cereal.


A giant bowl of veggies, sweet potato and plain tofu.


A bunch of Raw leftoversGazpacho;wrap with pizza cheese,tofu and spinach;potatoes.


And a not-as-giant bowl of fresh mango. Among other things.


Oh one thing I do remember is that I went on a quick Costco trip and managed to score a box of Larabars on sale: $4 off! It was ~$11.50 for a box of 12. I had to snatch them up.

I did not go out on Saturday night. Gotta get the beauty sleep once in a while!



I woke up not very hungry Sunday morning but in the mood to eat. Oh who am I kidding, I always wake up in the mood to eat.

I started with half an apple, a peach and coffee. 004010

This just stimulated my appetite though so then I had some pumpkin, yogurt, dried fruit and Barbara’s Shredded Oats.    


And more coffee. And more nibbles I can’t remember. There have been so many nibbles lately I can’t remember.
Hand. Slap.

After a nice hour-long run I made a snacky plate for lunch.
Baby carrots, cucs, dijon mustard for dipping, rye bread bitlett with tuna, 1/3 sweet potato with cottage cheese. Plus some dips into lasagne stuffing that my mom was prepping for dinner.


Dinner was, well, homemade lasagne. I forgot to picture it but it was typical old school lasagne. Think noodles, meat and tomatoes, ricotta cheese, that kinda deal. Plus garlic bread and salad aka romaine lettuce in a bowl.

A giant foamy iced coffee filled my post-dinner time until I went out for Sunday Night Retro!
So…my friend and I successfully completed a goal we made to attend Retro Night every single Sunday this summer. Almost shameful but I loved every second of it. Last night was especially busy as all of the uni kids are now moving back into town. The whole city changes once all of the students get back. So much busier. I’ll admit I like it a lot better here in the summer when it’s nice and quiet and you recognize all of the faces out and about. I feel like I’m in a foreign city when I go out to bars at the beginning of the fall and all of the faces are unfamiliar. Boo.


Now that summer is coming to a close and I’ve treated my body like bum, I’m in need of some deeeetox. I think a lot of that will come fairly easily though because
A – I won’t be sitting around being a bump on a log all the time since I’ll have to actually get myself out of the house and go to class. Therefore more overall movement in my day.
B – I won’t be sitting around being a bump on a log all the time and being very bored therefore snacking incessantly. So my eating will be a little more structured.
C – I won’t be going out quite as much since I’ll actually have to do work. And therefore less alcohol will make its way into my system on a less regular basis. My body will appreciate this.

As slightly stressed as I am about going back to school, I’m a little glad too. It’ll be nice to introduce a bit of structure, a bit of productivity and a bit of purpose back into my days.


And with that, I leave you with the greenest “smoothie” (if you can call it that) I’ve ever ingested, downed this afternoon. Feast your eyes on this sludge:


The giant container of spinach we have seems to be half soggy and wilted (I know, gross) so I grabbed a bunch of the reject leaves (and I mean a BUNCH) and stuffed my Bullet to its limit with the greenery plus frozen banana, pineapple, baby carrots, cucumber, a splash of POM and a glug of AlmondBreeze. Weird combo maybe but this actually tasted pretty darn good.

I drank ate alongside the last bits of some PBU with banana chunks thrown in.


I also discovered a surprisingly good combo – frozen banana slice on top of a cold cucumber slice. I dunno, I liked it. Haha.

Happy New Week!

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