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Weight Watchers Points Guide

Posted Oct 26 2010 11:59am

Weight Watchers Points Guide

Comprehensive list of foods and their point value, including a list of 0-point foods. Also included is the “Drop Diet” that allows you to lose 10-17 pounds in 7 days.

1 Star Defective e-Copy
Do not purchase ord download this book to your Kindle. It will not open and then causes an error. I have tried several times to reload a copy.

1 Star Don’t waste your time
It’s a waste of time and money. Many common foods are not in here. The foods that are in here are difficult too sort through as there is no index list. I do have a point calculator which I purchased, I was just hoping to cut down on the devices I needed to carry in my purse, unfortunately this is of no help. Oh and one last thing the formating is messed up making it even more difficult to read.

1 Star This is not a book by Weight Watchers…he is promoting his own diet
First, I’ll start by saying I am a Weight Watchers leader so I double checked this information prior to posting this review.

There is no book by this author in association with Weight Watchers. What he has done is put together a list of foods and written out points that he thinks they are without WW checking and approving them, then promotes his own diet called the “drop diet” in this book. So…it seems, from my own book viewing of this, that you are paying him to try to get his diet out there without getting accurate Weight Watcher point info either.

You cant even easily locate any foods on here that you need to look up.

That said, if you need a list of points for Weight Watchers foods, many people aren’t aware that they can go into ANY Weight Watchers meeting and buy a food companion or dining out guide (thick books that fit in your purse…this is not it if you are looking for that…updated each year for proper points) for ten bucks, no tax or shipping added on.

In fact, many don’t realize you can buy ANY product we sell in the centers without being a member, even the food.

However, you can’t know how many points you need without getting the week one quiz because even someone of the same height and weight will be different from another based upon several quiz answers.

I don’t like to see anyone who is trying to lose weight be taken advantage of or think they are buying a true Weight Watchers product and then find they don’t even get an index when they have a food in front of them they need to look up.

It is part of our service that we sell our products to the public, so if you want one that is double checked for point facts and updated yearly (since nutrional info on products can change), you might save some cash and check out a real points book at a meeting (you dont have to join or stay for the meeting, just go in and buy)

good luck to all!

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