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Weight training is better than toning exercises for women!

Posted Dec 04 2009 2:04pm

***IMPORTANT: this is a video that is SO important to watch if you are a women***

Ladies, strength training/weight training is essential as you age.

I’ve been preaching this for a while now on my site and it’s quite a concern to me when women bypass weight training because they are afraid they’ll end up looking too masculine.

You have to lift a whole lot of weight and eat a whole lot of protein to be worried about looking masculine when you do weight training on a regular basis.

I can assure you that over a decade of regular weight training has left my body looking lean and firm and I DO NOT look masculine at all. As I like to say, things are still where they’re supposed to be and I intend on keeping it this way until I turn 150 years of age!

I recruited some reinforcement to help me get the message out.

During a recent Twist Conditioning Sport Performance Summit I was able to chat with President and athlete coach Peter Twist creator of the Smart Gym – one of my favourite exercise equipments because those elastic bands give you a total workout)!

This might be the most important 6:49 minutes of your day!

If you live not far from a Twist Conditioning centre, I encourage you to check out of those fitness centres because they are not like your usual gym setting. The focus is on drills and intensity. You’ll hear it yourself on the video, but Peter Twist clearly explains how a majority of their clients are in their 40s and 50s and looking to be “stronger” and NOT more toned.

I encourage you not only to listen to this video, but pass on the link to a friend!

***Don’t forget to rate this video if you like it!***

>>> If you want to locate a Twist Conditioning centre, you should check out this page (you’ll find a list of centres in Canada and the U.S.): Twist Conditioning centre locations

Photo by greg westfall.

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