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Weight Loss Mindset 4: Starting On The Right Foot

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

There are many decisions that can be successful only when they are made on the backs of other decisions. For example, if you do not decide to eat healthier foods, you will not lose weight.

Your success in quitting the junk and eating better to lose weight will be dependent on your ability to remain focused as you deal with the withdrawal from certain foods you love (like chocolate, bread, dairy).

One of the keys to succeeding is to treat decision-making like building a house. You lay the foundation before you build the walls. Although it is exciting to add the final touches – decoration – they can be completed only when the rest of the house is finished.

We would all love the blessings of freedom from bad habits, bad food choices, irritating compulsions to eat, and bingeing but first we must lay the foundation.




Make a list of things you would like to change: decisions when it comes to your eating habits. You could also add to the list exercise if it is something you have always struggled with.




I want to quit drinking coffee.


I want to eat more raw foods.


I want to eat more fruit and veg I want to eat less junk.


I want to cut out salt


I want to cut out chips/crisps.


I want to stop drinking coke/pop.


Try to be specific. It may be best to pick things that are affecting you quite obviously or that is obvious to you excessive or lacking.




Bundling Your Decisions

Often, one large decision will involve many smaller but equally important decisions. Let’s look at an example. Say you are trying to get over a sugar addiction. You can’t keep away from your sweets to save your life! This may involve your decision to stay away from donut shops and other places where temptation rears its ugly head. It also may mean avoiding situations that are stressful because stress is another factor that can lead you to your sweet treats.

You may therefore need to make a list of hot places and avoid them for a certain period of time until you are confident you can resist their temptations. Often failure of a large battle is as a result of the small battles, which we all face throughout the day. Making a hard decision is very stressful too. When you feel like you are one step away from failing, decide right then and there to get alone and recharge.






Take the list that you made in activity 3 and pick 1 decision to tackle first and focus on. Some decisions may be linked, for example if you are a big sweet lover and want to combat you sugar addiction, consuming more fruits and greens will help with those cravings and thus be another good decision to work on as well (if you have written in your decisions you want to eat more fruit/veg).


Take your decision and write down ways in which you can overcome it. Including places you may need to avoid, going to the store on a full stomach and anything else that you know trigger your addictions.


Tackle one area of weakness in your life at a time and examine all the patterns of your lifestyle to do with that area. Focus all of your energy to overcoming that area by writing down a list of changes that have to be made in order for you to win the battle.


If you try to tackle too many large decisions at the same time you will become overwhelmed and most likely fail at them all. You have to choose your decisions wisely and ones that will compliment one another and strengthen your resolve.



NOTE If you find this hard, spend the rest of the day and tomorrow with more self awareness. Take the decision you wish to tackle and just be aware of it throughout the day, for example with sugar addiction – be aware to acknowledge triggers and habits you may have surrounding it and also how it makes you feel. Then come back and you will be better prepared to tackle this activity.



The next points to consider, and that will be considered in the next few posts, are going to evolve around disciplines that will become the foundation of all the decisions you will make and are important in ensuring you stay on track!


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