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Weight Loss Brain Wave Subliminal Brain Sync Subliminal Series

Posted Nov 05 2010 10:45pm

Weight Loss Brain Wave Subliminal Brain Sync Subliminal Series

No matter how many times you’ve struggled to lose weight, you can do it now. Subliminal brain wave technology taps directly into the vast storehouse of creative energy that lies buried within the subconscious. In heightened states of receptivity, trigger words and phrases anchor a slim mind-set that eliminates self-sabotage and unleashes your most vibrant, vital self. Becoming trim, taut and terrific has never been easier.

5 Stars Seems to be the X-Factor I was looking for
So, I bought this but I was very skeptical. Having lost 20 pounds so far, my skepticism has been pretty well put to bed.

I was about 100 pounds overweight when I bought it, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. For the first couple of weeks, I just listened in the evenings without making many behavioral changes. Then I suddenly found myself motivated to start going to the gym in the morning. I also joined, and have actually found myself able to follow the plan with a strange level of ease. Obviously, I am doing all of this myself, consciously and of my own free will, but this CD is the only x-factor I can identify that seems to make it so much easier and more enjoyable than ever before to adopt healthy habits.

I bought the CD about two months ago, and have been engaging in weight-loss behaviors for about six weeks. I have lost 20 pounds so far, and I’m still going strong. I am enjoying the taste of fresh produce in a way that I never have before, not to mention how great it feels to push my body past its comfort zone, and really feel my muscles engage. I am feeling so proud of what my body can do. I take a day off every week, where I eat whatever I want, but even on these days my behavior has been incredibly sane. I might eat a couple of cookies, but never a whole batch. I might go out for a cheeseburger, but I’ll still order it with a salad instead of fries. I can’t stand soda anymore. It tastes like liquid candy. I really can’t think of anything that I am doing differently this time, as opposed to the zillion other times I have tried to lose weight, except for listening to this CD.

I listen to the CD every single day – I head to bed an hour early, and listen to the first track while reading for 30 minutes. Then I put the book down, turn out the lights, and listen to the second track. Sometimes I drift off during the second track, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I wake up motiviated every day. I cannot recommend this CD enough. My three pieces of advice are: 1)listen every day. If you can’t make time to do this, it may not work for you. 2) Give it a couple of weeks to start working before you assess its effectiveness. The messages it is sending are challenging some very ingrained subconscious ideas, and it takes time to change these. 3)Don’t expect the CD to magically make weight fall away. You have to engage in the appropriate behaviors. But it will make it easier and more pleasurable to do so, at least in my experience.

Good luck, and enjoy!

1 Star Not working
I ordered this product based on reviews, so far nothing has changed. Actually I have noticed an increase in my appetite. I have went on to research others that offer subliminal weight loss messages. If anyone has something they know works please forward to me at

5 Stars Have not listened to it as of today!!
I have not been able to listen to it, so I don’t know if it works or not!

3 Stars Kinda boring
I found this subliminal message CD a little boring. This one didn’t inspire me, just because there was no talking on a conscious level. Howell’s CD may be good for falling asleep to, but I want to be inspired as I drift off to sleep. I haven’t listened to it more than a handful of times, so I don’t know whether it would be helpful for weight-loss. Just can’t get past the dull sound.

2 Stars PR in NW Iowa
This is not what I expected. I bought a CD of Kelly Howells a few years back thru Avon. She talks in that one – so that is what I expected with this. I only hear music, and some… singing (? Aahhhh, humming) but no verbal speaking to help lull you into relaxing. I found myself often thinking of other things I needed to do, and then would fall asleep. My interpretation of the instructions was to listen to track 1 while awake, and I just couldn’t accomplish that. It did help me fall asleep though, but I haven’t seen much change in my eating habits.

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