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Weekend Recap: Random Snapshot Style

Posted Sep 16 2013 2:50pm

Hi folks! I love when people do those snapshots from the weekend type of posts. Where they post random photos from their phone and it helps to recap their super fun weekend. I decided to do the same for today.

But whoa. I have some of the most boring and random photos on my phone. If I were to lose my phone or die suddenly in my sleep, these photos are not a good representation of the good life that I am leading. Or isss ittttt.

And here we go…

I finally got my case for my new iPad mini (Thank you BF!). The shipping tracker said that it was on the delivery truck for about 3 days straight. What up. My neighborhood is not that big. I found myself literally sitting on the side of the couch like the dog does looking out the window while waiting for the mailman.

On Friday night I enjoyed a lovely meal and a glass of wine at Washington Square Tavern in Brookline. I used to live in that neighborhood and I always enjoy getting back there to visit. I act like it is soooo far away. Is 4 miles far?! There is something about city life that makes things seem further away then they are.


I worked out like a nutball on Saturday morning. Total Body Shred and Treadmill Bootcamp almost did me in. I was rewarded with a giant unsweetened Passion Iced Tea with no extra water from Starbucks. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it was cool enough to bust out one of my workout cover-ups. I love a good thumb hole. Oh, and my new favorite workout bottle is this sucker from Camelback . I don’t have to open anything to drink from it during my workouts. So much easier! I have a dribbling problem when I’m working out and this was one of the first workouts where I didn’t go home with my homemade energy drink dribbled down my chest.

On Saturday night I went out to the movies and I like to be comfy at the movies. I found these leggings a few days ago and was finally brave enough to wear them in public. I ended up loving them! I realize they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but eh. A lot of my stuff isn’t. However, what is most important about this photo is that random black thingy in the bottom left hand corner? WHAT IS THAT!? I honestly have no idea. It makes me a laugh like a lunatic though.

Dinner was at Clover in Burlington. It was…interesting.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous in Boston! Like wearing long sleeves kind of beautiful weather. I hopped out of bed early (well 9a early!) and joined Megan for some hot yoga to start the day. I then headed home to spend time outside with Kork for a bit. I’m hiding the fire pit in my backyard that looks like it has been mangled by a bear.

My dog needs a haircut like whoa. I promise he has eyes. He is a little blind without the hair anyway so the bangs aren’t really bothering him that much. ;)

We also took a nap together. Well, I thought it was a nap by myself but I woke up with dog butt in my face. He does this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Sometimes his fur actually touches my face. Last week he woke me up not because the fur, but because he farted. One of those silent but deadly farts. I could have died from some kind of gas poison. I’m sure of it.

Speaking of farting, this is an actual bumper sticker that I saw over the weekend. In addition to farts just being funny all on their own, I had to laugh at just the idea of someone:

1. Buying the bumper sticker.
2. Putting the bumper sticker on his car.
3. Admiring his handiwork.

I did a crapton of laundry. I also discovered that all of my cute socks are missing their match. Ugh. I have a hard enough time with socks. They make my feet feel claustrophobic. I wear them because my heels get so dry that they crack and hurt like no other. I buy cute socks and THIS is what happens.

While I did laundry I went through some of my winter coats and sweatshirts to see what would fit for the upcoming season. I took photos and sent them to my parents to make them laugh. There was also a FaceTime session involved to get them to that crying type of laugh. There is a variety of things happening in this photo that made me share it with you. The dog bed is showing. The dog steps for the bed are showing. My scale is hanging out. My lounge wear (as my Mom calls it). Creepy stare in the back. BUT! When I took this photo the only thing I saw was how bummed out that one of my favorite sweatshirts made me look like a hot mess. Blind love folks.

So that was my weekend in photos. Not what you were expecting huh? It is amazing what you can find when you scroll through those photos on your phone. ;)


I’m an idiot and forgot to pick the winner for the giveaway last night so if you haven’t entered to win already, do it before midnight tonight. BONUS DAY! I promise to pick tonight! 

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