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Weekend Recap: Date Nights

Posted Jan 21 2013 7:49pm

hola ya’ll!  Hope your weekend left you rested and ready to attack the week.  Mine sure did!


Friday night Michael came home from work with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.  ;)


We spent the night relaxing and eating the lasagna rolls that I made. IMG_1375

Saturday morning I accidentally missed my yoga class, so I ended up practicing at home yoga

and tested out Becky’s crazy workout . Happy-Hour-Chipper

We decided to use our Applebee’s gift card and make Saturday night into a date night! :)    I ordered the chicken, shrimp and mushrooms dish and subbed the potatoes for broccoli.  I liked it!   IMG_1386

Afterwards we went to see the movie Flight with Denzellllll!  You can’t go wrong with Denzel.  Top 5 best actors ever?  Yeah, I think so.  I also will not be flying for a long time.

I convinced Michael to get frozen yogurt after the movie.  As we pulled into the shop, the workers were closing the store…….15 minutes early.  Sadsies!  But I myself have worked in the food biz (Starbucks to be exact) and I can’t say I’m innocent of doing the exact same thing.  Soooooo they were forgiven.  We then went to the local grocery store (along with the other two or three cool people who were spending their Saturday night in the grocery store) and picked up our own frozen yogurt.  Only problem is… it will be in the freezer staring at me until it is gone for the next few hours weeks. photo-45

A 2 mile run on Sunday morning had me feeling like the top of the world.  You really can’t beat that runner’s high! In December I noticed my shins were starting to act up a little and I figured it was because my shoes were worn down and I just needed new ones.  Luckily I got a pair of Asics for christmas.  I was unfortunately a little optimistic that getting a new pair of shoes would miraculously fix my shins- it seems like my run was the final nail in the coffin, because my shins are in paiiiiinnn.  I am officially not allowing myself to run outside or on the treadmill for a solid month.  Since I am not a huge runner, it’s not that big of a deal.  I will miss doing HIIT on the treadmill, though.  But it’s all good in the hood since I can get it done on the elliptical. And I still have my spin classes for other cardio!

In memory and respect of MLK-   26458716530542737_N0tGGt1f_c

Any tips for shin splints? 

Have you seen Flight with Denzel Washington?





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