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Weekend Recap: Art, Music and Fashion!

Posted Feb 25 2013 7:30am

Every now and then I have one of those weekends that is just tons of fun but totally relaxing at the same time. I didn’t have any errands to really run so the whole weekend was reserved to having a good time.


I started my fun off straight away after work by meeting up with my friend, Christie, for a night of painting and fun. I’ve mentioned The Paint Bar before , but it is a local paint n’ sip store. You spend the evening painting, spending time with friends, and maybe enjoying a glass of wine (or two!).

We started off with a blank slate and were walked through painting our own masterpieces. Everyone paints the same thing, but because it isn’t a paint-by-numbers thing everyone’s art turns out a little bit different.


My final masterpiece…

Isn’t that fun?! Its called Moon Over Boston and I love it. I already have it on display in my house.

If you noticed above a few Batman drawings above it is because Christie decided to change up the classic Citgo sign to be the Batman light. Heh. So creative.


Saturday was a day dedicated to Korky. He had a beauty day that included getting groomed. While he was getting all pretty I did some shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. While I was gone, which was for about 1 hour, someone thought it would be fun to rip off my cute little “Who Saved Who” magnet off the back of my car. That sucker was there when I left my car and was gone when I returned. Who steals a rescue support magnet off of a car IN FRONT of a pet dedicated store?! I hope you feel good about yourself, you thief.

The Mutt came out looking all cute and smooth so I quickly got over my stolen property incident. Seriously. How cute is he?!

That night, as Boston was preparing for MORE snow, I went out to Davis Sq. with the BF to check out Frank McCourt’s show , The Irish…And How They Got That Way. It is a mixture of a history lesson and Irish music that tells the history of the Irish and how they came to the USA. It was a fantastic show!!! The case is a set of 6 singers/actors who were great. It was a small theatre and I loved how we were so close to the action. It felt like they were truly talking with us and it was almost a little interactive. Plus, one of the guys sang the crap out of Danny Boy. It made me think of my Grandfather and instantly brought a smile to my face.

If you are a local, definitely check out the show before it is over!

While we were in Davis Sq. we decided to try out The Painted Burro , a Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar. The Boston Brunchers had visited this place a few months ago and I wasn’t able to attend so it has been on my list of places to try for a bit. I ended up getting the 1/2 roaster chicken. It came with kale & plantains and rice. I asked them to substitute the rice for the savoy cabbage &  jalapeno slaw. Good choice!

If I could figure out how to cook kale like this I would eat it It was probably one of the best vegetable side dishes I have ever had and I would easily drive over to Davis Sq. to pick it up as a to-go item over and over. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


When I woke up on Sunday it was just one of those grey and rainy days. Perfect for hibernating inside! I hopped over to my Zumba class to get a good sweat in that morning and then just laid around all day. I read (just finished Heads in Bed by Jacob Tomsky). I cooked a little bit. I did my nails. I organized. It was the perfect way to just decompress and relax after a busy week.

I even managed to clean my make-up brushes. Who ever has time to do that?! Oh, and yes, half of my brushes are chewed up on the end. I will give you one guess as to who can claim that achievement.

I capped the night off with a little bit of Oscar watching online and critiquing of Oscar fashion. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the pale/nude colored dresses that blended with everyone’s skin. I like something a little more showy.

As much as I love a good Jennifer Lawrence, her outfit was not doing it for me. It seemed a little too bedspread-like for me. I love her after party outfit and I wished she had the glitz for the actual show. Agree or Not Agree?!

My favorites for the night include:

Charlize Theron – She can do know wrong in my eyes. Gorgeous and someone I want to be BFF with!”
Jennifer Garner- Love the color! The dress just fits her perfectly too.
Jennifer Aniston- I hate her hair at awards show (brush your hair woman!), but that red dress is stunning, stunning, stunning.
Naomi Watts- I love the glimmer and the cool neckline. Plus, she just seems so nice. I’m a sucker for a nice person.


Did anyone actually watch the show? I just pay attention to the fashion and watched the few speeches on YouTube that I thought would be interesting. I saved 3 hours of my life! ;)


So that sums up my weekend! I hope you guys had a good one too. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday with my 30 While 30 update and then again on Friday for my February Favorites post!

Question: Do you watch award shows? Do you care about celebrity gossip?!

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