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{Weekend Link Love} A La Hurricane Sandy

Posted Oct 29 2012 2:57pm

I am stuck inside today, working from home, because the MTA has shut down public transportation in NYC.

So what better way to spend my time than sharing some link love for all of you who are also sitting at home, bored of watching/listening to the TV/radio broadcasts about this storm that hasn’t quite hit yet!

I have a lot of links because it’s been a while since I did .

  • Roasted Fruit  - This sounds like a great recipe for those of us who have a lot of fruit sitting around (hello, seasonal apples and pears). Suggested use: oatmeal or dessert topping.
  • Argentinean Empanadas – Back in August, Bobby and I went down to visit Coco for her baby shower . (She has since had her beautiful daughter!) Coco made the most delicious Argentinean Empanadas, and promised me the recipe – so here it is. Can’t wait to make these.
  • Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie  - I am not gluten free nor even gluten sensitive, but this pumpkin pie sounds really good. Plus, it’s filled with kabocha – so how could it go wrong?
  • Pork and Poblano Stew – Over the weekend we picked up a 2-person (2 quart) crockpot from Target (there’s one up on 116th Street). I think this stew would be a great candidate for the new appliance. Did I mention the crockpot was only $11?
  • Protein Smoothie  - Okay, okay – this is actually link #2 from Voodies  but I think me and Caren must have some kind of psychic food connection going on. I always star her recipes to save and make for later. I haven’t made this yet, but I’m planning on trying it out for a dessert sometime soon.
  • Browned Butter and Cardamom Carrot Pudding – I starred this when I had a bunch of carrots to use up, but I don’t have them anymore (they went into the crock pot for a beef stew on Saturday). Fortunately this recipe still sounds good. Next time I have carrots I know what I’m making.
  • Spiced Pork and Butternut Squash with Sage  - I have about a bajillion 3 butternut squash sitting on my table. (This is down from at least 10 – I got to take leftovers one week from my CSA.) When Hurricane Sandy is gone I think I will buy pork and make this mouth-watering meal. Not sure if I will use sage – I have so many dried herbs from my CSA that I’m trying to use up.
  • Butternut Squash Salad  - Though if I can’t get to the store for pork, maybe I will just make this meatless butternut squash dish. The ingredients and directions could not be simpler. I’m just not sure I have the patience to slice a butternut with a mandoline. But it sure looks delicious.
  • I’m always looking for book suggestions and Lisa’s list looks pretty good. I have already read Gone Girl (loved it up until the ending) but the others look good too.
  • Bobby sent me this list of Most Anticipated Films of Fall/Winter 2012 . Looks like a good list! I don’t watch TV anymore so I never know what new movies are coming out. We really want to see Argo though. Anyone seen it yet?
  • I might have revived my old linguistics blog. Just wrote a post today .

I will stop there, even though I have more. Links really pile up when you don’t do link love every week. I’ll save the rest for next time. I realize I’m a bit heavy on the recipes, but I am okay with that.

I hope you stay safe if you’re in an area that’s getting hit by the storm. I plan on staying inside most of the day. (Though… I might venture out for yoga? Would that be stupid? It’s only a few blocks away.) Aside from that I’m just working as much as I can. Internet is very slow so it’s kind of difficult.

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