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Weekend E’s – Edition 3

Posted Jun 04 2011 8:00am

Last weekend I had to work on Saturday, which means I wasn’t able to do most of what I had wanted over the weekend. Hopefully more of this weekend E’s (Experiences, Edibles, Exercise) will get completed.

Weekend Experiences: I Want…

To Go Shopping: I have a confession, I only like shopping if I have something in mind I want to buy. My sister can go to the mall a million times a week and still be entertained, I on the other hand am only entertained if it has been awhile. And it has, so if it rains like it is supposed to I will be found at the mall looking for ankle socks. Yes, I need ankle socks.

I enjoy the weeds? Or enjoy the fact that my blackberry was able to take this photo!

To Get my Nails done: This never got done from Weekend E’s edition 1 . However it was my mom’s birthday recently and as her gift I’m taking her to get her nails done! Me and my mom get very little one-on-one time, so I’m super excited!

Weekend Edibles: I Want…

I Want...lots of empty bowls from enjoyed edibles!

To bake savory muffins: I feel like this weekend calls for some baking experiments. Since I’ve been craving some savoury muffin type thing I think that is what I’m going to attempt.

To eat Seedy Stir Fry: Stir fry’s can sometimes be a bit boring, but not when you are seriously craving a nice big nutty one! Earlier this week I had a stirfry with hemp seeds, and it added a great nutty crunch. I’m thinking this is going to happen again.

Weekend Exercise: I Want…

To join a drop in class at the university gym: Since I don’t live close to campus, I don’t usually trek down for drop in classes. Unfortunately I’m a student (no money) so I don’t want to pay for a class close to home when I can get a free drop in class on campus.

Sitting on the floor with Holly counts as exercise...right?

To do a long run: I haven’t run longer then 4 miles since the half-marathon. I’m not looking to do a super long run, but if weather permits I would like to do 10 km.


What are you thinking of experiencing, eating, or exercising this weekend?

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