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Week Three Holiday Eating Challenge Time is More Precious than Money! Great Ideas to Make Your Holidays Healthier and Happier

Posted Nov 25 2008 10:02am

As Monday passed and I had not started writing Week Three, it just made it even more clear to me in these days where the economy needs repair, time is even more precious than gold! The topic that I had planned was getting more veggies and salads throughout the holidays to help us stay on our healthy eating plan. You will find some great tasting salad recipes at

This year try some of these ideas to save more time and money this holiday season, I would encourage you to make some of your holiday gifts this year. People appreciate the thought that you made it and it isn’t something that will need to go to Goodwill when it is taking up space or no longer works. There are Some great muffin, bread mixes, vinegars and spice mixes at

Consider adding a vintage holiday towel or cookie cutter in the basket if desired for an extra special touch or put it in an unique container. Another idea that you might consider is to make some herbal bath salts or soap. You can find some suggestions on how to make these at


It seems like the holiday puts extra things on our plate in addition to our usual routine. Our usual responsibilities are still there but now there are additional tasks to accomplish. This makes healthy eating a challenge and makes many of us tempted to pull in that drive-thru window. A few years ago, I started noticing the long lines in the drive-thru and the food courts at the mall and told myself “I don’t have time to wait in that line!”, so I started packing a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit so that I could eat on the run and save time, money and calories. That is when I started noticing the lines in the stores and decided to shop early and make more of my gifts because that can save time and money also. To save you time in the kitchen during this busy holiday season here are a few tips.

1. Make a list and plan menus. 2. Buy staples on sale if you will need them in the near future, especially when they are on sale. 3. Take one day over the weekend to do pre-prep chopping, making sauces and cooking/freezing certain foods ahead of time.

4. How many times have you wished that someone would have your supper made for you when you get home? Try out these great “Slow Cooker Recipes” at:


Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Try out some of these suggestions over the weekend to get a head start on the holiday celebration. Stay tuned for next weeks tips on holiday parties!!

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