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Week #1 goals: Starting the year off right

Posted Jan 02 2011 6:00am
the list

I have “new year’s resolution” envy. True fact: I hate making resolutions . Another true fact: everyone else’s look so appealing and so manageable, I’m starting to waver.

I won’t give in!

My husband and I are going to live through a huge shake-up this year. Either we’re going to move back to the States with the Foreign Service, or we’re going to have to get serious about empire building here in Benin. It doesn’t matter what the change is, but there will be change. Huge change. Even more change than 2010.

I’m thrilled. I love not knowing what’s around the corner. I love dreaming and imagining and planning for every possibility. And the lists! Oh the lists! How the list making calms and sooths me! But all that change means that I’m reluctant to set year long goals like “Save $XXXX,” or “Travel more,” or “Fix the fucking kitchen.” Things I’d like to do, but that depend on what happens next.

2011 is going to be the year of good habits. This year, I’m making goals week by week, so that little by little, I’ll establish good habits that will carry me through anything, whether in DC, Benin, or anywhere else in the world.

Financial goals:

  • Put 25% of my paycheck into a savings account.
  • Track every franc we spend (and receive!).

Health goals:

  • Track every morsel that goes into my mouth.
  • Walk 50k steps.

Blog goals:

  • Take a picture of each meal.
  • Blog meals the day I eat them.

Family goal:

  • Clean and organize the kitchen. CHECK!
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