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Wealth in Health

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:09pm
Today, amidst all the depressing and seemingly scary economic news, I figured I'd lighten the mood with a well written article from Forbes about antioxidants.

Surprising Ways to Get Antioxidants

We might feel a little helpless in terms of saving our stock market, but hey, at least we can be proactive on saving our cells! This article gives an overview of all of the marketing aimed at you, the consumer, to get you to buy antioxidant superfoods.

The punchline at the end: The best way to obtain your antioxidants is from brightly colored, whole fresh fruits and veggies that work together with other phytochemicals present to give you health benefits. Enriched foods are fine for those who claim they don't have time, but the cheaper and more effective way to get those antioxidants is to wander around your farmers market or produce aisle until your basket is filled with fresh food matching each color of the rainbow.

It really doesn't take long to grab a handful of blueberries, or a few strawberries right? Here is a list from tufts: Top Ten Antioxidant Fruits and Veggies. Now, as you watch the closing numbers on Wall Street, chew on one of the foods listed. At least you will know that your body will remain strong while the economy crumbles around it.
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