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Water, Water and MORE WATER!

Posted by Mary Ann P.

By now we all know we are supposed to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. But how do know when you've done it? I took a selection of glasses and poured eight ounces of water into each of them. I found that all of my regular glasses hold about twelve ounces of water. If the same is true at your house you may have been consuming one third more water than you realize. Instead of judging by number of glasses try to think in terms of ounces. You need 64 ounces of water. If the glass you always drink from will hold 12 ounces or you are drinking 12 ounce bottles of water then a little over five servings will do you. For me, five is an easier number to keep track of. How do you keep up with your water intake?
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It's really confusing.. Sometimes it can get difficult when I'm at someone's house. It seems ridiculous to ask my host how much water their glasses hold... How do you guys handle that?
I have a small bottle of Voss water I keep on my desk at work. It holds 16.9 fl. oz, so I need to re-fill it 3 - 4 times. That actually doesn't seem so bad... now there's really no excuse :)
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