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Watch out for hidden salt

Posted by Mary Ann P.

If you think ditching your salt shaker will lower your sodium intake significantly, you're wrong.

About 12% of our salt intake is from the shaker. The rest is hidden in our food. We all know about crackers and chips but what about canned,boxed and frozen foods? Sauces and gravies, bread mixes and sodas?

Even if they are lowfat and/or low cal they may be loaded with sodium.

If you're watching your sodium, don't take anything for granted.

Check those labels for hidden salt.

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Almost everything processed is loaded with salt and sugar. Not good.
I've heard that it's important to watch your sodium intake, but outside of the yucky way high concentrated amounts of it make me feel, I'm not quite sure why it's so important. Why is that?
High sodium intake is associated with heart disease, circulatory problems, kidney problems, etc. Also, salt makes you bloated and retaining water! Did you know that even sodas and cheap cooking wines contain salt? Don't forget canned soups, frozen dinners. Even desserts have lots of salt! I am a victim of all those tasty kettlecorns, salty caramels, etc...
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