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Want To Lose Weight, Feel Alive And Kick Food Addictions?

Posted Jul 19 2012 1:56pm

Today Philip McCluskey and I are starting our Get Juicy Cleanse 10-Day juicing program . We launched this program at the start of the year and guided over 150 people through it with incredible results all-round – fast and easy weight loss that stayed off, doubling and tripling of energy, increased awareness and release of food addictions, glowing smooth skin and symptoms fading away.

That is the power of juice cleansing when done intelligently and especially with support and specific guidance. Exactly why we created the program in the first place.

Juicing is  a part of our daily lifestyle already. We take turns making 2 to 4 litres (1/2 to 1 gallon) of green vegetable juice every day to split between us. It’s my number one favorite way to stay properly hydrated, energized, keep my body balanced and healthy, and feel and look my very best! It’s that awesome.

As we are kicking off the launch of the Get Juicy program again today, we know many of you may be interested in leaning out a little, getting super charged energy, feeling alive and vital, and kicking some emotional attachments to food to the curb, we are inviting you to join us in doing the 10 day cleanse.

And Yes, you can do this! We will show you how to go through the cleanse without being hungry either. Once you know a few tricks, the whole process becomes quite easy and juicing takes no longer than 15 minutes a day for us.

We invite you to join us on getting in the best shape of your life. Did I mention that most clients also notice their level of happiness increases dramatically as well, as well as their outlook on life?

Yes, its that powerful!

To get started right away and join us as we create healthier, happier bodies and minds together, click here to head over to to get registered

Once you sign up, you will be sent everything you need to get started.

Note: you can sign up right away and start in a day or two if you prefer.

Not sure if this program is right for you?

If you’ve failed at every single attempt to lose stubborn, excess weight and keep it off…
If you feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained…
If you have been defeated in the past by self-doubts, a lack of confidence and have got nowhere, no matter how hard you have tried dieting, counting calories and exercising…
If you’re confused and uncertain about what it really takes to overcome the hurdles that block you right now from completing a juice cleanse…

If you can say YES to any one of the above then this program is perfect for you.

The reason you can’t seem to move ahead:

It’s all about having a juice cleansing program that is tasty, simple and yet (highly effective), where all the confusion and guess work is taken out and where you have a support system in place.

Here’s what I mean… few juice cleansing programs detox your body effectively at a cellular level today and even fewer give you long term, lasting results.

That’s because the essential elements of what you must know to guarantee your success haven’t been tested and proven.

That’s why Philip and I distilled the essence of our life-transforming work into an easy to follow, 10 day instructional guide that we have proven to work in our lives. I have personally completed many juice fasts, naturally healed my severe top-to-toe eczema and dramatically improved every area of my life. Philip has completed a 100 day fast and lost over 200 lbs. This time round we will be adding even more great experiences ad results to our list from juice fasting :) .

We wanted to have a program that would clear through all the dross, leave behind all the confusion and lead you through what to buy, what ingredients to mix and what to drink daily so you can lose weight, feel invigorated, get energy and feel better than you ever have.

In fact this detox has received so much attention; it’s the reason why CBS TV in America chose to air Philip and our program on their show. To watch the show click here .

Truth is…

If you’d like to ―short cut your way to getting results and avoid the most common mistakes made by people on juice cleanses… so you exude confidence and success, feel better about yourself, and guarantee that 2012 is the year you feel and look better than you ever have… then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this…

In The “Get Juicy Cleanse” – Lose 10 Pounds in Ten Days , for 10 days you’ll learn the exact steps and insights that we have used personally and others just like you who have taken advantage of this to shed those stubborn extra pounds, overhaul their mind and emotions and experience vibrant energy.

YOU will receive:
•    (4) powerful educational and coaching audios that can mean the difference between dismal results or super-effective change
•    (6) videos reveal the biggest (and easiest) core principles for completing a successful cleanse
•    Our proven comprehensive and simple program for 10 days of liquid cleansing at one of two levels •    Juice Cleanse – a pure juice fast
•    Liquid Cleanse – a combination of juices, smoothies, blends, and soups
•    10 Daily menu plans with delicious, satisfying recipes that your body will love so that you don’t feel hungry
•    Our insiders cleansing resource kit for easy and effective cleansing and detox
•    A vibrant community full of critical success tips, guidance and support for transforming your health, body, mind, spirit and emotional well-being during and after the cleanse

YOU will Experience:
•    A proven way to look youthful, feel lighter and sexy
•    And increase in mental alertness, an explosion of renewed energy and a powerful sense of peace and well being

•    Never having to worry about what to buy from your local grocery store as we give you a list
•    Never having to worry about what to mix together as we give you the mouth-watering recipes
•    Never having to worry about what to plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner as it’s done for you
•    Never having to worry about failing as we are there to support you daily –during and after
•    Never having to worry about feeling hungry as we give you tips to keep you satisfied.

All for just $97.00

But that’s not all, you also receive two FREE BONUSES:

As an extra bonus, you will receive a copy of Super Sunwarrior Smoothie Ebook (packed with incredible recipes that have been proven to be effective in losing weight and gaining solid muscle) and the 2 Weeks 2 A New You Ebook (to get your body into shape internally and externally and have a sure-fire way to create a lifetime of healthy habits and remarkable energy.)

If this sounds like something you want to take advantage of, then head over to to get registered right away and join us for this fun and transformational experience by clicking here!

Don’t be a victim of what David Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big, calls “Excusitis.” You can always find an excuse for not doing anything. In fact, this is how 95% of people live. Is this the standard you want to set for yourself?

The time to feel your very best, is right now.

Love and juicy support,
Casey xo

P.S. Our latest testimony is from Matt, who lost 18 lbs in 10 days with the Get Juicy Cleanse. Congrats Matt!

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