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Vitamin Water Lawsuit: read before you drink

Posted Aug 10 2010 4:43pm

Coca-Cola is being sued for making unwarranted health claims about their beverage-product vitaminwater. 

But guess who they’re blaming?  YOU.  That’s right.  YOU, the American people.  Lawyers for Coca-Cola are asserting that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”

Hmmm…that’s funny.  “Vitamin.” “Water.”  Wouldn’t any reasonable American take that message to mean “healthy”?

Here’s our message to Coca-Cola:

It’s one thing to sell us crap.  But it’s another thing to insult our intelligence. 

How can America fight obesity when companies like you are engaging in irresponsible, destructive marketing that puts us at harm?

The only sugar in this water is the liquid that’s deepening the pockets of money-grubbing Coca-Cola execs.  We, hardworking Americans, are left to soak up big health care premiums.

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