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Video Review: The Biggest Loser Season 8: episode 5

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm


There were a lot of lessons to learn from this 5 th episode of The Biggest Loser Season 8.

The ending was more surprising than anything else because honestly, no one would have ever been able to predict this outcome.

If you think that annoying Tracey had way too much power in the past, this episode had everyone watching gasping.

I’ll start with the first game of the episode: Allison presented a game to all the participant where they turned a huge wheel and revealed what was in front of them. The big ticket to win is the “gold ticket” that allows you to decide who was going to be on your team and who would be on the other team and which trainer would be training your team. Bottom line, this is the point in the show where the “blue” team goes head to head with the “black” team (instead of having multiple pairings, there would not only be two big teams).

Rudy, Rebecca, Allan and Danny all went first and their prize was food. It really wasn’t much of a prize because they were ingesting unwanted calories. Rudy got hit the hardest because he HAD to finish a big piece of cake that contained 1,000 calories!

Tracey’s turn came up and everyone stopped breathing … including myself. When queen-B revealed her prize, I basically thought I was going to pass out. Tracey (once again) had won a challenge that gave her ultimate power. I mean what is wrong with the Universe to give this woman so many chances of influencing so many lives.

>>> Here’s how Tracey divided the teams:

1) Team blue with Trainer Bob

* Tracey

* Coach Mo

* Liz

* Rudy

* Rebecca

* Allan

2) Team black with trainer Jillian

* Daniel

* Abby

* Shay

* Danny

* Amanda

Emotions were running high and Tracey managed once again to turn everyone against her.

>>> Here are the lessons I’ve learned from The Biggest Loser Season 8. You’ll be able to get all the details in the video below:

Lesson #1 – You MUST rely on yourself

Lesson #2 – Believe in yourself

Lesson #3 – Grocery Shopping doesn’t have to be scary

Lesson #4 – We all have demons to fight

You’ll see that three out of four of these lessons are also quite relevant for real life.

I’m not dealing with weight loss issues, but lessons #1, 2 and 3 made me think of my own limitations and how many times have I talked myself in not going after what I wanted in life.

I may not have the demon of loose 200 pounds, but I still have my own demons and it was quite interesting looking at someone else fighting to have control over those demons that keeps you stuck.

Dina might have struggled the entire episode to get over her demons, but watching her struggle to jump on top of a short bench, reminded of how I’ve had my own “bench to jump on” (aka my own struggles).

***You can watch the video here and if you like the video, I’d appreciate your vote!***

>>> Tracey goes home … or does she?

I think that seeing the black team win was a huge thrill because in my head Tracey who was part of the blue team (who STILL managed to lose weight this week without exercising) was already packing her bags and going home.

The blue team lost the challenge (HURRAY for my girl Shay who is now on the black team and managed to lose 16 pounds!!!) and had to vote someone off. The plan was obviously to get rid of Tracey (why does she always have to cry so much). You can imagine that Coach Mo raising his hand and offering to leave because his chronic pain was getting in the way of his performance on the challenge really shocked me (and for a while I was quite upset at the idea that Tracey would stay).

That said, I was pleased to see that Coach Mo not only lost 78 pounds, but he’s not influencing so many kids he coaches and his experience in now serving an entire community get healthy and lose weight!

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Biggest Loser returns on September 15th

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

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