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Video Review: The Biggest Loser Season 8: episode 4

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:02pm

***Thanks for rating this video if you liked it! I reveal more tips/lessons from the show below the video***

Last week was all about drama on The Biggest Loser, but this week it’s all about lessons. I still cannot believe how much weight Tracey managed to lose!

There were two challenges again this week, but you can catch the highlights of the second challenge in the video. I really wanted to spend more time on challenge number one.

I think this week’s first challenge is an important lesson for not only people dealing with weight issues, but anyone who will ever have to order food at a restaurant, order take-away/take-out food or anyone who has to travel for business and is forced to eat three meals at a restaurant.

If you’re not going to watch the entire video, then you should know that this week’s challenge was forcing all the participants to order take-away-take-out food for an entire week because the crew had pad locked and chained the cabinets and refrigerator. This meant the participants could not rely on the expertise of the food experts on the show to guide them … they had to figure out healthy food choices on their own!!!

Luckily Bob and Jillian came to the rescue by taking the entire team out for dinner to “The Spanish Kitchen Mexican Food” to teach them how to order healthy food options when you are eating out.

Here are Bob and Jillian’s 7 tips to ordering food at a restaurant:


1) Remove temptation by saying “no thank you” to chips/salsa or bread that waiters bring to your table as you wait for your meal.

2) Determine your WHY you want to lose the weight.

3) Have concrete and achievable goals.

4) Goals NEED to have a purpose.

5) Visit the restaurant’s Web site and learn more about the menu so you can decide on what you’ll eat before getting to the restaurant.

6) Stay away from anything that’s sautéed and pan fried.

7) Opt for foods that are grilled, steamed, baked, broil or poached.

8) Ask questions! If a waiter or a chef (via the waiter) cannot tell you how the food is prepared, you should pass because you don’t know how much sugar or fat is hidden in your food.

In the end Julio left The Biggest Loser camp and boy did he ever soak in those four weeks! He managed to go from 407 pounds down to 299 pounds from the time he started on the show to the update. I cannot wait to see him on the night of the final. I would not be supposed if he lost another 100 pounds. The best part is that Julio is now cooking healthier foods and he has a way better relationship with food.

I don’t think he’d say:

“The one thing I’ve succeed at in my life is food. I’m really good at it. I know how to eat it, cook it and I like thinking about it. I’m really good at eating a cheeseburger.”

This  is the answer he gave Jillian when she asked at the beginning of the episode, “How do you get to be 407 pounds? There is no way that you are happy like this? What have you succeed at in your life Julio?

In closing, may I say how proud I am of Shay because she really seems to be getting much stronger and her mind set is quite different than it was a few weeks ago.

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