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Veterans Day and Zevia winner!

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm

Happy Veterans Day! 

I know you guys are itching to know the Zevia winners… but I’m going to make you wait, just to build anticipation… 

[Or you can just scroll down to the bottom and see if you won!]

So today I had no class, because of Veteran’s day, so I took the liberty of sleeping in… until 7:30. (Badass, I know.)

I had planned on having breakfast  at home… 


(LOVING oats in a jar…)

Combo = 1/3 c Oat Bran, 1 c almond milk, 1/2 banana, better’n pb

And then heading to the gym. 

But I wasn’t feeling the gym. So I decided to go for a run, because it has been BEAUTIFUL out. For November 11… 50 degrees is like tropical for Nov in New England!! lol 

So I headed out for a brisk, but lovely 45 minute run. 354 calories later and a head clear and fresh, I came home and made myself a snack. 

I seriously love long runs. I know I was ’supposed’ to do strength today. But cardio, running in particular, is SO good for the entire body. And I love it because it is meditative. I would rather run long and slow at a steady pace and clear my head than run fast and feel like my lungs are being ripped out. Long runs are much more calming for me, as much as I love some good HITT! 

So my after run snack was a local Macintosh apple, and cinnamon yogurt dip- consisting of 0% chobani, 1 packet stevia and a whole bunch of cinnamon. 


I volunteered at the preschool and spent some time in Panera (accompanied by a large hazelnut coffee with skim milk and smuggle stevia) studying for the afternoon. Lunch was simple and healthy. 


Veggies, hummus, Mary’s Gone Crackers (Herb flavor! love it!!) and lf cottage cheese. 

When I came back home I spent some time chatting with my mom and scarfing down this-


before I sent her on a mission while I made dinner. A Food, Inc mission! 

Dinner was just as simple as lunch.


I dug into this incredible sauce Nick’s mom bought me when I was in Sarnia last- it’s from this Italian restaurant I’ve gone to there a few times and it is SO good, just spicy enough and went perfectly with my whole wheat penne + lean turkey combo for tonight. Check out the ingredient list!


The more simple, the better. 

All I did for my ‘meat sauce’ was cook 1 lb lean ground turkey with some s+p and two cloves of garlic in a bit of EVOO spray. Dumped the sauce in, cooked the pasta and threw it all together. 


Topped with parsley, fresh grated parm and some asparagus on the side. 

Food, Inc was awesome! Very eye opening, even though I knew a lot of it already. I will do a full review soon!!



Now, what you’ve all been waiting for!Zevia!

And the winners are (thanks to… 

#1- GRAND PRIZE, a CASE of Zevia is… #14… MICHELLE  from Balance My Cake!

Who said…

Michelle, on  November 10th, 2009 at 4:18 pm  Said: 

YUM! I’ve been wanting to try this out! As you can see above, I linked you on my latest post! Aaaaaand my favorite natural drink is probably Honest Teas! So good!

The five runners up, winning a 6-pack each are… 

1. #20, Dianna

2.  # 15, Cindy A. 

3. # 1, Laura E. 

4. #7, Reagan

5. #11, C hai Latte

Congrats girls! Send me an email at with your full name and address and I will have those out to you ASAP!

I’ll be back after work tomorrow!!


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