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Very Practical Tips to Avoid Over-eating...from Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Apr 30 2008 11:01pm
There are lots of little tricks we can all learn to sort of re-train ourselves not only for eating healthy nutritious food, but for HOW we eat the food as well.

Now, if everyone of us ate totally raw fruits and veggetables ALL OF THE TIME, then we could eat boatloads of that and never have to be concerned with over eating.

Below is an address of a site authored by fellow blogger, Marie. She shares her journey to health. It's an inspiring blog and filled with real, down to Earth humor as well.

Marie shares:

· I take very small bites and chew them thoroughly. I chew them to death.

· I use a salad fork and a small plate so I will eat smaller portions.

· I brush my teeth and wash my hands as soon as I’ve eaten something to get rid of any traces of food.

I agree with you, Marie. Even putting those 3 steps into practice would probably mean a great decrease in the size of our stomachs. Good suggestions!

I also recommend:

~Drink 10-12 oz of water right before eating

~DO NOT drink while you're eating (this interferes and inhibits the digestive process causing more stress on your GI tract and inhibits proper elimination later)

~When the 11pm or midnight hunger strikes...drink a small cup of water and GO TO SLEEP. (This tip for those who have fairly normal schedules who's days and nights are not opposite!)

We all know that snacking late at night is a terrible thing to do. I admit, every once in awhile it's fun to share time with friends, or family, into the night and have a little PM snack party. However, snacking at night should never be the norm. And if you are hungry in the evening, try a piece of fruit instead of something starchy.

I remember as a kid (even young adult) my favorite thing to eat at 9pm or later was a bowl of cereal. It just seemed like a fit. Do you or anyone you know pig out on starches late at night? What's their waist size?

Our stomachs will fool us. They like that full feeling, because we've stretched them to that size, they think that's normal. Well, it's just time to let our stomachs know we won't be ruled by that any longer!

Now, if hunger comes calling in the 10-12midnight range, I just place a scoop of
THE FEAST from Uri International in 4 oz of water and drink it down.

With 70+ unpasterurized juices from fruits, berries, greens and seeds, nuts, and sprouts, enzymes and probiotics, my hunger ceases immediately.

It nourishes without filling without any effort to digest. And I am getting a tremendous boost of nutrition for my body to process while sleeping...which is the time of regeneration and restoration to make healthy bodies.

Merry K.

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