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Vending machine’s in school

Posted Aug 26 2009 10:07pm

vendingmachine Hot topic!!  Many of you will be surprised by my position on letting companies put vending machines in schools.  Because I do not oppose vending machine’s being placed in schools! I know, I know what you are saying, “ How could you Amy! How could you support something proven to further deteriorate the health of our children! “  But let me explain.  I don’t support vending machines in school…but:

  • I do not believe eliminating temptation from children is the best way to fight obesity! 
  • If we don’t teach our kids to make healthy choices, DESPITE their environmental temptations, it will be a losing battle.
  • Once they get a job or even accompany you to get your oil changed, there will be VENDING MACHINES!
  • We will never be able to remove junk food from our environment. Kids can learn to make good choices on their own, without us wasting tax payer money to take away choices and freedoms.

What do you think?

And PS.. I’m so surprised so many of you have had trouble with your garden too. I’m actually glad. My husband and I don’t feel so lame now.

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