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Veggies, Veggies, and More Veggies

Posted by Tracii H.

18. Eat more veggiesWe know we should eat vegetables. We do. But convenience, lack of variety, and other factors can make us slack off in this regard. What to do? Here are some tips for upping your veggie intake:
  • Buy fresh vegetables that are in season. They cost less and are likely to be at their peak freshness.
  • Stock up on frozen vegetables for quick and easy cooking in the microwave. Always choose frozen over canned.
  • Buy vegetables that are easy to prepare. Choose bags of pre-washed greens and add baby carrots or cherry tomatoes for a salad in minutes. Baby carrots and celery sticks are also great, quick snacks.
  • Use a microwave to quickly “zap” vegetables. White or sweet potatoes can also be baked conveniently this way.
  • Vary your choices to keep meals interesting. Try more exotic veggies, like artichoke, bok choy, kale, and eggplant in your recipes.
  • Eat crunchy vegetables, raw or lightly steamed. Carrots, celery, and turnips are great this way.
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Since there are so many meatless days in the Russian Orthodox calendar, many Russian cookbooks have tons of delicious veggie recipes. Most of these are not vegan, though. I made today some Russian stuffed eggplant, which I stuffed with sharp white cheddar cheese, eggplant, mushrooms, walnuts, herbs, Parmesean cheese, panko crumbs, egg, garlic and salt/pepper/hot sauce. It takes a long time to prepare ---LOTS of chopping and sauteeing! -- but it's really easy.
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