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Veggie Deviled Eggs

Posted Apr 16 2014 9:57am

Technically where I live is considered the suburbs, but it feels more like I live in the country because there are farms and open fields surrounding my street.  A lot of my neighbors have chickens, and so we get fresh eggs shared with us all the time.   There is a definite difference between fresh chicken eggs from my neighbors, and eggs I buy from the store.  The yolk is bigger and more yellow, and tastes amazing!  I almost always have boiled eggs in my fridge because it makes a great high protein snack or breakfast side.  

Deviled eggs are just a fancier version of a boiled egg - and they are really delicious!  This recipe includes fresh, sweet crunchy veggies for a super nutrient packed snack.   Instead of mayo, we used Greek yogurt giving it a tart flavor, while lowering the fat and providing even more nutrition.  These are definitely a power house when it comes to nutrients! 

Veggie Deviled Eggs Final copy.jpg

These are incredibly fast and easy to make.  I have found the best way to boil eggs is to place your eggs in a pot of cold water.  Put it on the stove and turn on high until they begin to boil.  Cover your pot, and turn off the heat.   Let them sit for 10-12 minutes and then pour the hot water out and run cold water over them.  And then you will have the perfectly boiled egg.  Cut your eggs in half lengthwise, and remove the yolk into a bowl.  

Boiled Eggs.jpg

Chop your veggies.  We used sweet green and red bell pepper, and crunchy cucumbers.  You can experiment with other veggies!  Chop whatever veggies you choose into very small pieces.  

Chopped Veggies.jpg

Mix together egg yolks, Greek yogurt, mustard, veggies and salt and pepper to taste.   Spoon your filling into the egg white, and enjoy!  

Deviled Eggs 2.jpg

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