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Veggie Booty's Guide to Style & Eating

Posted Jan 27 2010 7:17am

Gaga already knows what’s up.

Emma (the author behind Veggie Booty) recently observed that the way she dresses and the way she eats have some things in common. I love her perspective, and I think the following suggestions would work for just about anyone who’s trying to stay healthy and maybe drop a few pounds while they’re at it.

1. Never follow any trends. It’s so tempting to hop on board with the latest “fat flush” diet or buy several oversized cardigans – after all, everyone’s doing it – but don’t! In a few months, the trend will pass and you’ll be left with nothing but a bag for Good Will and a fear of avocados. Here’s hoping that hair poufs go the same way as Atkins!

2. Experiment. Not sure how you look in polka dots? Wondering what a kabocha squash tastes like? Try it! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a bit and see what fits, both in the dressing room and in the kitchen. You never know when you might discover a love for plaid or an obsession with edamame. And, adding variety to your wardrobe and your pantry will keep you from getting bored, which can lead to bingeing, which, whether it be on a chocolate cake or a shopping spree, never leaves us feeling all that fulfilled.

3. One size does not fit all. In college, I used to think it would be nice to be close to the same size as Rooms, so that we could share clothes. Now, we actually *are* close to the same size, but even if we were still sharing our room at 94, I’m not sure that we’d be exchanging clothes very often – while we’re both at a healthy size, our shapes couldn’t be more different! In the same way, lifestyles that work for other people won’t necessarily work for others. Gena has an amazing, high-raw vegan lifestyle that I admire and love following; Heather knows that sugar does not do her body good; Katie can eat 3000 chocolate-covered calories a day and not gain an ounce. Their diets are all completely different, both from each other’s and from mine, but they have some things in common: All are happy, healthy, beautiful, and in touch with what works for their bodies! We can spend months looking for the perfect pair of jeans that hugs our booties just right – why not spend some time figuring out which foods make us look and feel our best as well?

4. Splurge. Every now and then, I need a new pair of red, velvet platform heels that zipper up the back of the heel. In the same vein, there are days that I simply cannot survive without an ice cream cone. So, give in to your craving! It’s not as though it’s going to happen every day (because, really, how many pairs of red velvet heels or ice cream cones can one person enjoy?), and splurges are an important part of the balance we all need in our lives. Constantly denying yourself of a “treat” is not going to make you feel good, and it could eventually lead to one of those “binges” we talked about.

5. Ignore the haters. Sure, sometimes Rooms can’t stand my outfit and sometimes Adam teases me about what I eat, but you know what? I like ‘em! You can’t live your life trying to please everyone, so you might as well do your very best to please yourself.

6. Work what works for you! Once you figure out what you like and what works for your body, work it! Flaunt your vintage leather jacket, pile on the bangle bracelets, bask in your new-found love of Brussels sprouts – do what makes you happy! Remember, confidence is key – you will look your best when you feel your best, and you will feel your best when you are taking good care of your body. And a smile is always the sexiest accessory.

Go visit her blog right now for more fun food and insight!

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