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Vegetarian Foods with Live Enzymes are Powerful for the Body

Posted Dec 04 2009 7:10am
Eating more vegetarian foods can be quite powerful for the body when live enzymes are present. Enzymes are needed to digest food, but many of the things humans ingest don’t contain any of their own. This means that the body has to work even harder to break these foods down into usable components. Those who consume mostly raw fruits, vegetables, herbs and juices are using the power of live enzymes to create plenty of benefits for themselves.

Because the live enzymes in some vegetarian foods work synergistically with the body’s digestive system, less energy is used to break the foods down. The body doesn’t have to work as long or as hard to do the same job. This means that more energy is created with less food and fewer calories.

Of course, live enzymes aren’t the only benefits of more vegetarian foods. As mentioned, these foods generally offer more vitamins and minerals than their counterparts. They also provide an excellent, natural source of dietary fiber. Fiber is generally made up of plant material that the body cannot digest. While it seems counter intuitive to eat something indigestible, it actually serves a couple vital purposes.

Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, which allows for more balanced blood sugar levels between meals. In addition, the fiber provided by so many vegetarian foods also helps to keep the digestive tract free of unwanted toxins and debris.

It’s no secret that vegetarian foods offer a number of health benefits, and live enzymes play an important role.
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