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Vegan in 30 Days Get Healthy Save the World

Posted Oct 29 2010 3:02am

Vegan in 30 Days Get Healthy Save the World

You’ve heard about the vegan diet – perhaps you even know people who follow it – and now you want to try it yourself! Is your goal to lose weight? Prevent or reverse disease? Have tons of energy? Save thousands of animals from suffering and death? Drastically reduce your carbon footprint on the earth? No matter what your reasons are for wanting to try the vegan diet, Vegan in 30 Days will make sure that you reach your goal of becoming vegan in a healthful, fun and successful way. Filled with incredible insight and dozens of practical tips and recipes, Vegan in 30 Days is a book you will come back to again and again!

2 Stars Not enough depth
This book doesn’t go deep enough to truly be helpful. It gives you something to do each day for 30 days, and at the end of it you are supposedly vegan. A lot of the steps weren’t really doing anything at all. This book doesn’t address (as all vegan books seem to overlook) the aspect of how hard a vegan diet is to stick to, even if you really want to be vegan. It’s as though they don’t want to admit that it is hard to stick to, because they’re afraid it will make veganism look bad. I bought this book hoping it would address that issue – that becoming vegan can be hard for some, so here’s how to make the transition. It did so only in a superficial manner. Wasn’t helpful at all and the two recipes I tried from the back of the book were gross. Waste of money unfortunately.

5 Stars Vegan in 30 days
Good, sound practical advice for someone who wants to give up eating animal products. I like the way you can ease into it. The recipes are great. I make a green smoothie 4-5 times a week now.

I think “Vegan in 30 Days” is a fantastic book! Sarah Taylor, the author, recommends 3 ideas that have changed my life. I believe they are absolutely fundamental to successfully becoming vegan. If you just do these 3 things, it will change your life: 1) Read “Diet for a New America.” I’ve only read a few books that have changed my life… this is one of them! (I buy this book for all my friends.) Sarah Taylor loves this book and it has profoundly influenced her life. This gives this author great credibility in my eyes. 2) Drink a green smoothie everyday. This habit has been fundamental to my converting to a vegan lifestyle. (I just completed my third marathon, so believe me, vegan living gives you more energy!) On days when I don’t eat the right things, my green smoothie saves me. Everything else seems to fall naturally into place (it also reduces my cravings for sweet things). Which leads me to the second book that changed my life, “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. (Victoria has since written Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health, which I can’t wait to read.) Green smoothies are literally the cornerstone of my diet (Here’s what I do: I mix organic apple juice, filtered water, a banana, frozen mango, dates (no sugar!), and I stuff my Vitamix full of spinach, kale, lettuce, carrot tops, beet tops, dandelion greens, etc. It makes all this “rabbit food” taste delicious. Plus it’s RAW!). Dory, the reviewer, criticizes Sarah Taylor for recommending that we buy a “$500 blender.” This is simply absurd. I bought my Vitamix at my local health food store for only $149, and I see them for sale on ebay today for as little as $105. I actually SAVE MONEY (I figure I save at least $50 a month by not buying meat, that’s $600 a year!). So if you follow the author’s recommendations and buy a Vitamix and drink green smoothies, you will literally SAVE MONEY! (and also lose weight… GUARANTEED) 3) The author recommends buying a beautiful fruit bowl and keeping it full. I did this and not only does it look beautiful – I’m proud when friends come to visit! – but I eat at least three times as much fruit as I used to. It just looks so YUMMY! She also recommends making vegan friends, online if necessary. I agree. You must build a new community of friends who reinforce your new habits. So I highly recommend “Vegan in 30 Days.” Sarah Taylor is “right on the money.” She makes something difficult very simple and easy to understand. Follow her advice and your life will change! (I’m sorry to see that Dory slammed this wonderful book, because it may cause people who otherwise might have loved it not to even read it. I strongly disagree with Dory’s review. Dory is disappointed that this book because it doesn’t contain as many recipes as she would like, or as much technical data on vegan nutrition. Well, all I can say is that I have lots of vegan recipe books and lots of books on vegan nutrition (probably at least 12!), and not one of them has ever changed my life. I believe becoming vegan is a very difficult challenge. Knowledge alone is not strong enough to make us change our lifestyle habits (otherwise smokers and alcoholics would easily be able to quit once they acquire knowledge that smoking and drinking too much is not good for you; however, this simply isn’t the case). Only a change in “how we see the world” is strong enough to allow us to change our habits. So I say: Bravo for Sarah Taylor and “Vegan in 30 Days!”)

2 Stars First book I’ve ever returned
After deciding to go vegetarian for the last 2 weeks, I wanted to pick up some helpful reading material to assist me in making healthful food choices. The book is 30 chapters (about 2 pages each) – one for every day.

I would like to say that I didn’t take the time to write this review in order to slam the author. I just think that you should understand what you are getting with your purchase and may choose to go another route. I usually don’t ever take this much time to review a book (esp. one that is only $10) – I was wanting lots of technical information and it wasn’t found in this book. I will say, that other than 2-3 references of PETA and animal cruelty, this book is written without a strong political undertone which I appreciate.

Chapter 1 is the most useful – assignment – answering the question “Why do you want to go vegan”

Chapter 2 – “know the basics” Taylor recommends you go online yourself and research what vegan really is about (ok already done that before purchasing the book)

Chapter 3 – “Fruit and Veggie Cleanse” – sensible enough

Chapter 4 – “Eliminate Red Meat” – ok, think this is why we bought the book – did it need a chapter?

Chapter 5 – “Find Substitutes” – reasonable basic chapter

Chapter 6 – “Get a Beautiful Fruit Bowl and Keep it Filled” Self Explanatory

Chapter 7 – “Start Each Day with a Green Smoothie” My biggest complaint in this chapter are two things. First she asks that you go buy a $500 blender if at all possible. Yes, that is a great suggestion. But what she wants you to make with it is a handful of tropical fruit, ice and some handfuls of spinach. It would be really helpful at this point to discuss how many vitamins/fiber/minerals that you are supplementing your diet with at this point.

Chapter 8 – “Eliminate Poultry” boils down to try your favorite sauce over mushrooms or veggies instead

Chapter 9 – “Make a large salad”

Chapter 10 – “Read Diet for America” by John Robbins. She says to read it because as a vegan we will be expected to know the major arguments for veganism. Hum? Really? I really don’t care why others are doing it… Read Quantum Wellness or “Becoming Vegan” instead.

Chapter 11- another fruit cleanse

Chapter 12 – eliminate cheese

Chapter 13 – take a tour of your health food store

Chapter 14 – gather vegan recipes (hint – there are really none in this book unless you need to know how to make a fruit salad)

Chapter 15 – try a new recipe (1 paragraph)/would have been nice to insert a new recipe here?

Chapter 16 – Eliminate fish and seafood. She reminds us to not forget the cans of “lurking” tuna fish in the cupboard. Really? copy chapter 8 and substitute the word fish for poultry.

Chapter 17 – commit to the kitchen (meaning pre slice/bag your veggies)

Chapter 18 – buy a veggie chopper

Chapter 19 – Treat yourself. She recommends buying a new t-shirt to announce your “veganism”. Strange for me.

Chapter 20 – Eliminate eggs

Chapter 21 – Meet other vegans – assignment is to meet one new vegan today via the internet or health food shop. Sorry, not for me.

Chapter 22 – Stay motivated. Source of books and websites. This chapter provides some actual information. You can find this yourself. But nicely put on two pages.

Chapter 23 – Take B12 and Flaxseed. Too bad not every chapter is written with this type of clinical information. Almost looks like another author wrote this chapter.

Chapter 24 – eliminate dairy

Chapter 25 – Learn to eat at a restaurant – hint: involves calling ahead and quizzing waiter.

Chapter 26 – Attending and hosting a dinner party

Chapter 27 – Learn how to say “no thank you, I’m vegan” Strange chapter…

Chapter 28 – Eliminate Remaining Animal Ingredients. She list common non-vegan ingredients. Suggests you learn more buy reading another recommended book or researching the internet (common theme)

Chapter 29 – Clean out your kitchen (I’m imagining it is done by now?) Really, who would live with a family and actually be able to clean out their kitchen. If it is my choice, I don’t expect everyone in my family to be subject to the same choice. I’m strong enough to not have to clean out my kitchen.

Chapter 30 – State your case. Basically learn to communicate why you are vegan.

Back cover – go to [...] to learn more about Sarah. I haven’t gone here – but guessing all this basic info can be found for free at her website.

4 Stars simple and to the point
This book is a great place to start if you wish to do animals and the planet a favor by becoming vegan. It is simple and to the point with none of the waffle that other books give. It also gives other valuable reads which will enhance the beginning of the journey, which this book is. Worth the money and the time.

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