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Vegan & Gluten free cream of tomato soup

Posted Jun 21 2010 5:12pm


I am neither a vegan nor am I gluten free and I love cream of tomato soup. So what am I trying to say here,well I am going to present my version of this classic recipe!

Additionally this recipe is super simple and it will beat Claire Robinson’s five ingredient fix concept. This recipe has only three ingredients. Super simple and super clean.

Without any further chatter here’s the recipe,

V & GF Cream of Tomato Soup

(Serves 4)


6 Roma tomatoes, skin removed. (I removed mine with a sharp peeler)

1 cup coconut milk. (I used reduced fat)

1 Thai chili/ half a jalapeno deseeded.

Salt and pepper


Peel the tomatoes and puree them in a blender with the chili or the jalapeno.

In a sauce pan, add the pureed tomatoes and coconut milk.

Season with salt and pepper.

Let it some to a boil and then simmer for about 7-8 minutes. It will naturally thicken. Adjust the consistency by adding water to your liking.




Thank you very much for all your sweet comments on yesterday’s father’s day post.



This morning I started the week with yoga. I did 36 mins of Yoga meltdown with Jillian. Jillian knows how to get your heart rate up even when you do Yoga. It was challenging and I was sweating at the end of a yoga workout. The mix of the warriors,planks and sun salutations were intermingled very well. Unlike the other yoga workouts there is no resting in child pose in between. Once you start you sweat for 35 minutes.

Q. Have your tried Jillian’s Yoga meltdown?

Q. If you are a recent vegan or vegetarian, what is one thing you miss from your previous lifestyle?

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