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Vanilla Cake Oven Pancake

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:02am
Before I had successfully learned how to flip pancakes I relied on oven pancakes . Now, I rely on oven pancakes when I am feeling flustered and don’t want to chaperone the frying pan to remember to flip.

The great thing about oven pancakes is that you can enjoy the unique flavour and texture of pancakes without even taking out the pan.

This is a highly convenient pancake recipe as you don’t even have to worry about flipping! This recipe is really healthy but should go with some hearty toppings or sides to make it a complete breakfast. I love that these pancakes are still quite high protein yet only use 1 tbsp of protein powder so you aren’t left with a rubbery protein pancake.

(~170cal) 1g fat/21g protein/17g carbs

Subtlety sweet. Reminds me of vanilla cake in breakfast form These pancakes are very fluffy!
Vanilla Cake Oven Pancake
Ingredients: Instructions
•2 tbsp kamut flour

•1 tbsp coconut flour

•1/4 cup +1 tbsp almond flour

•1 tbsp whey protein powder

•1g stevia

•1 tsp vanilla extract

•1/4 cup greek yogurt

•1/4 cup egg whites

•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

•1/4 tsp baking soda

•1/4 tsp baking powder

1)Preheat oven to 400deg F. Mix all dry ingredients

2)Add in egg whites, greek yogurt. Mix well.

3)Add in apple cider vinegar.

4)Let sit for 5 minutes

5)Pour into baking dish so batter is ~1cm thick and bake for 20-25min

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General Comments This recipe makes 4 large and thick pancakes (1 serving)
I topped mine with peanut flour sauce and greek yogurt.

Take a look at that texture!


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