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Vacation Dilema

Posted by Jane D.

I'm at home, in Nebraska for a week with my family. My little sister is graduating from college and all the relatives have come pouring in. My mom makes a chicken salad with light ranch dressing. I'm in the middle of my second blueberry muffin. It's 9:00. At night. So what is it worth? Yes, conceivably, I could stick to my diet of low cal, low fat, healthy Californian soy products, but is it worth it? It'd take me a week or two to take off five pounds so why not just let go? Could I eat whatever I wanted without feeling guilty? Do I really want all this crap food making me feel sluggish and gross with potato chips oozing out my hair follicles? Can I give up some and let go some and find a middle ground? I was a member of a points counting diet program for several years and always felt a little sad when some woman came back from vacation having lost 3 pounds. That's an awful tight reign to impose on a vacation that probably cost significant dollars. So, like a cliff diver in the Grand Canyon, I will aim for middle ground.
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