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Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm
It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. I have been pretty good about keeping things up to date over at My MS Journal , but I am afraid I have fallen behind here. Things have been crazy busy. I have also made some changes. I have decided that the most important thing is to focus on my total health and how to achieve that rather than focusing on loosing weight. With my health problems it is not going to be easy to loose weight and until I can get other health concerns better under control, it is kind of a moot point. After all, once I achieve better health, the rest will fall into place (at least I am hoping). For that reason I have changed the name of my blog to Becoming Gluten-Free. That after all is the start of my becoming healthier, and due to the recent discovery of my severe allergies, it is more appropriate.

I have been seeing a ND in Seattle (as well as many other docs) who ran a bunch of tests and found things about my health that can be dealt with. For example, I am highly allergic to all aspects of wheat.....gluten, glaiden, spelt. I am also allergic to peanuts and eggs. These are things I have eaten my whole life. I never thought I was having a reaction and although I do not have a biopsy confirmed diagnosis of Celiac, she informs me that something like 60% of people (I could have that number wrong) with Celiac are undiagnosed because they may have symptoms but it does not show on the blood work and/or biopsy. Many of the health problems that I have are consistent with Celiac. Seeing how my allergy tests show I am severely allergic to gluten, it is important to completely cut it out of my diet. So, that is what I have done.

As I have been researching what it means to be gluten-free, learning to read labels, and more I have come to really question things. I am amazed at just how many chemicals and other things I can't pronounce are in our foods. I also found out that aspartame (which is in many drinks, not just diet soda....crystal light, powered drinks, and more have this chemical in it as a sugar substitute) can be very dangerous, especially for someone who has a neurological disorder such as myself. It is incredibly neurotoxic. After speaking with my doc, I have cut out anything that contains aspartame. Actually the best thing to have is sugar, but since diabetes is SO prevalent in my family, splenda is the best choice. When it comes to drinks though I have switched to more water, propel, juices (which I am now second guessing as I have learned also have a lot of crap in it and some only have 10% juice...crazy!), a cup of coffee in the morning (when I wake up with a headache) and from time to time iced and/or herbal tea. From what my doc has told me too much caffeine is not good so I am trying to not get in the habit of drinking too much coffee or regular teas, but it is the better choice when my headaches hit!

I have also started to figure out ways to cook earlier in the afternoon when I am feeling a bit better. I am trying to rearrange my schedule so that I do not over do things and end up so tired or fatigued that I want to just not eat or get something quick (in other through). I am also considering getting a juicer. I have read quite a bit about how important it is to get our fruits and veggies. I am lucky in the sense that I actually have veggies every day. I have been big on that for a while, but I am sure I can always use more and although I love fruit I don't eat as much as I should. I am learning that one of the best ways to fix that is to make your own juices, and after reading labels recently I am thinking that is much healthier and I am sure better tasting than the store bought juice that is really only 10% juice.

Anyway, so if you have suggestions, or products that you recommend, I am all ears (or in this case all eyes, lol). I am determined to find my ultimate health! I know some of my health issues (like my MS and Asthma) are not going to go away, but I am hopeful that they can be better control ed if I can be healthier in general. I am still learning all of this and so any comments you leave will be greatly appreciated. Take care!
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