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Unlock the Secrets to Sensational Skin

Posted Aug 23 2008 6:21pm

Skincare doesn’t require much, but it does involve commitment and the right choices. Keeping your skin healthy is achievable and maintainable. By cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and treating your skin daily with a product line like Skincents, you’ll be sure to have others inquiring about your secret.

Body Care Tips

Consider the limited amount of time you have each day. Between your career and your home life, the time left for yourself, is fleeting. If you’re like most, your skincare routine is rushed and little time is available to consider what products you should use and how or when to use them. All the more reason why you’ll love our Skincents skincare line as it’s simple to use and provides immediate results.

Let’s take a moment to consider how you cleanse. Water plays a major role in your skin’s moisture. Bathing in hot water dries and damages skin over time and cold water won’t dissolve and remove embedded dirt and grime as well as tepid water. If you use sponges, loofahs, or washcloths, make sure they are clean and soft. Another important thing is to be sure to rinse, rinse, and rinse! You want to avoid having any product left behind that would interfere with your skin’s ability to absorb your moisturizer. And lastly, when drying your body, do not scrub yourself dry. A simple pat down will do just fine.

Balancing Facts

We know each time you shower, shave or sun-bath you strip your skin of its natural moisture, causing irritation and dryness. By cleansing with a product such as Waiora’s Balancing Body Cleanser, rich in essential oils, you’ll find your skin feeling clean and smooth without being stripped of moisture. Notice that the product is called Balancing Body Cleanser; it is named as such, because ‘balancing’ is the key cleansing benefit it provides.

The scent alone will have you lathering up. And once your skin gets a taste of the texture and the true softness it delivers, the fact that it ‘balances’ your pH level and helps your skin retain moisture will be an after thought. Following up with our Hydrating Body Butter or Moisturizing Body Lotion will provide optimum results. Remember that your body is a larger surface area than your face and while not always noticeable, you can see and feel the effects of neglect.

Bringing It All Together-Sharing Our Secret

When it comes to Waiora Distributors, like yourself, we make it a priority to provide you with products that will speak for themselves. While focusing on the Skincents line, we sought after expert advice from dermatologists and aestheticians. The individual skincare professionals were asked to review our products for their efficacy and quality.

Our dermatologists were asked to review the ingredient list, ensuring that none of the ingredients found in the Skincents line would cause hesitance in recommending it to their patients. The same request was made of our aestheticians, as we asked them to evaluate the efficacy of our products, including the scents, the textures, and the results each product produced.

Each professional found our products to be soothing and delightful to the senses. They found that our Skincents skincare line would be a desired product among their cliental opposed to other skincare lines. Due to such positive results, we could hardly contain sharing this information with you. To find out what our professionals are talking about log onto the Waiora Skincents website and purchase a Skincents package of your choice and begin to see and feel the amazing results of Skincents.

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