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Understanding Nutrition: Vitamins provide no energy

Posted Feb 15 2011 8:30am
I don't keep many textbooks, ESPECIALLY those from general courses.  I took a nutrition class online a few years ago and failed it, I retook it (not online) and LOVED it.  So much in fact that I kept the text book! So any future posts containing the title "Understanding Nutrition" can straight from my textbook and not from random sources (even though there are some great ones!) on the internet.

We look for vitamins in foods because our bodies NEED them right?  Why don't we just take a multivitamin and drink water, avoid all the extra calories? Well just for that reason, because vitamins provide no calories, aka energy. Vitamins need food, and food needs vitamins. Vitamins actually help release the energy from the food you eat, and allow the fat, carbohydrates and protiens to go do their jobs around your body. You also need food to help transport the vitamins around.

One way to maximize your vitamin intake is by cooking vegetables at a moderate temperature, using small amounts of water, and not cooking it for too long. Vitamins can be sensitive to light, heat and chemicals.

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