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Under the Weather and Over the Weather

Posted Mar 16 2010 6:53am

I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible because I am not feeling well…at all. EDIT-I planned on making it short, but it turned out very long. OOPS. I am a little under the weather, and to be perfectly honest, I am over the weather here in DC. Rain for the past 4 days is just not my thing. Oh how I long for my LA days. (sometimes).

Yesterday I made my very first breakfast cookie a la Fitnessista . I made mine supercharged with lots of superfoods.

This baby had it all:

At first I was a little unfamiliar with the taste and wasn’t a big fan, but the taste really grew on me. Great for a quick breakfast. By lunch I was pretty hungry, and I couldn’t wait to try out this sushi making kit I picked up from Whole Foods. I had prepped everything for my lunch the night before while waiting to go pick Chris up from the airport. Check it out-

It came with the seaweed wraps, sticky rice, and soy sauce. I added cucumbers, carrots, avocado, and imitation crab meat. Not the easiest lunch to make at work, but it was kind of fun!

I also had a Kettle Cuisine Soup since my throat was killing me, and I needed something soothing. This flavor is soo good. Have you ever had Kettle Cuisine soups? If not-go find them!!!

They are all natural, gluten free soups made with REAL ingredients, and no fake stuff. They offer low fat, no dairy, and organic choices that all taste amazing, and I’m hooked. I’ve tried about 3 different flavors, and so far they have all be flavorful, and filling. They are frozen soups that take only a few minutes to heat up, but taste better than any other prepared/packaged soup I’ve tasted. I’m sure I’ll be consuming a lot of these in the next few weeks while I’ll be at home lounging on the couch after my surgery. Speaking of surgery-it’s in TWO days!!!! I can’t even sleep because I’m so nervous. I don’t do needles, I don’t do anesthesia, and I definitely don’t do surgery. I’m freaking out so to speak. TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok-back to what I was saying…

Yesterday we did a tasting in the store with wine-maker Ken Wright of Ken Wright Cellars . He is a very well known wine-maker who makes some really BIG wines. It was a packed house, and I was so happy to see that our customers were as excited to meet him as I was. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures with him and me because I didn’t want to interrupt his tasting.

Dinner was a colorful one. KABOBS! I haven’t had these in ages, and I thought it was a great way to get fresh veggies in as well as being fun and delicious. I loved putting these together-oh the combinations.

Served with a side of tomato and basil salad and a small organic sweet potato. Oh, and some white wine since I didn’t have any red. OH WOW! So good, so very good.

My throat felt like it was on fire so of course I needed some ice cream to cool it down. Have you tried this kind? Chris was so nice to pick it up for me, and it was amazing!!!! This was my first time having coconut milk ice cream. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the regular. The name says it all…PURELY DECADENT!

I was in bed by 9:45pm, fell asleep, woke up at 10:30pm, and couldn’t fall asleep until 1:30 or 2am. I ended up finishing Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, which I’ve been reading very slowly for the past few weeks. Such a great read, I think they should make everyone in America read that book. After going to bed so late, I woke up incredibly early because I don’t feel well, and my nerves are going crazy about this surgery on Thursday.

So with that said-I’m gonna go make myself a Chocolate Cherry Bomb Shake for breakfast, make it through the work day, and try to get to bed early tonight. But here are 2 things to look forward to…

1. I have an AMAZING Giveaway tomorrow (hint hint)
2. My blog is getting a makeover. I will be off from work and working from home for 2 weeks after my surgery, and I’m working on giving myself my blog a face-lift during that time.

Hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!!!!!

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