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Two Stories About Double Unders

Posted May 25 2012 7:22am

Once upon a time, there were two newbie CrossFiters—let’s call them “Mal” and “Tina.” They had never done CrossFit before, so, not surprisingly, there were a bunch of skills in the CrossFit repertoire in which they wanted to become proficient. One of those skills, in particular, was Double Unders (jumping rope when you pass the rope twice under your feet), but Mal and Tina approached mastering this in very different ways.

When Mal realized he couldn’t do Double Unders, the challenge immediately motivated him to learn how. During a WOD, he struggled so much with Double Unders, he went home that very same night, ordered his own jump rope online, and then practiced Double Unders non-stop, day and night, and watched YouTube tutorials until he could do twenty in a row. It was a tad obsessive, but Mal eventually achieved his goal (in a matter of days) and now he can do Double Unders in his sleep.

Tina, on the other hand, did not take this same approach to mastering Double Unders. After a number of attempts to get the hang of them, she got frustrated, gave up, and called them “stupid.” She didn’t care when or if she learned how to do them. But, deep down, Tina wanted to learn how to do Double Unders, but trying over and over again and not succeeding really discouraged her, so months and months passed and she barely made any effort to learn how to do them.

A few weeks ago, Mal and Tina’s CrossFit box spent a portion of a class working on how to do Double Unders. Since the coaches were devoting time to this skill, Tina figured she’d give it her best effort and try to learn (and, ok, lose her bad attitude toward them). The coaches went through various Double Under progressions, and slowly, but surely, Tina mastered each one of them. When it came time to put it all together and try some Double Unders, Tina, to her surprise, did a bunch in a row. It was finally starting to click! (FYI: The combination of simply relaxing and jumping at the same even pace eventually made it click.) 

The moral of the story is you can choose how to approach challenges in life. You can either embrace challenges and work to overcome them or you can let them discourage and prevent you from making any gains. It’s your choice, but I now know which one I produces the best results.

With that said, guess who did her first WOD with real, live Double Unders in it? THIS GIRL!!! We did the Filthy Fifty last night, and I finished strong with 50 Double Unders—one string was 15 in a row!

Filthy Fifty

Another cool thing about this workout is that I improved a bunch since the last time I did it in January. My original time was 27:55, using 10 pounds for Wall Balls and doing single jumps. Last night, I finished the WOD in 23:35, using 14 pounds for the Wall Balls and doing Double Unders. Woohoo! Progress! (I don’t know why my notebook says 45 pounds for the Push Press. I’m almost positive it’s a mistake. I did the prescribed weight of 25 pounds last night.)

IMG_5197 (750x563)


After CrossFit, I came home and threw together a salad and topped it with a bunch of leftovers. In the mix: salad greens, chicken salad, truffle oil, and mac & cheese leftovers from Mal’s birthday dinner at the Fat Cat.

IMG_5200 (750x563)

For dessert, I ate three White Chocolate, Cranberry, Oatmeal Cookies . Soooo delicious! (Mal kindly shared his present with me!)

IMG_5209 (750x563)


This morning, I was all about the waffles (with peanut butter and banana slices). I’ve eaten this breakfast a ton lately, but I just can’t get enough of it.

IMG_5213 (750x563)

Question of the Day

How do you deal with challenges? Do they generally discourage or motivate you?

P.S. If my recaps didn’t inspire you to sign up for a relay, this video from Sarah definitely will!

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