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Turn Off the Fat Genes The Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight

Posted Nov 05 2010 5:04am

Turn Off the Fat Genes The Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight

Breakthrough genetic research indicates that genes are not just on/off switches for characteristics we can’t control (like gender or eye color). Some genes, including those that shape our bodies, actually adapt to outside influences. In Turn Off the Fat Genes, Dr. Neal Barnard draws on this cutting-edge research to create a revolutionary new program to help your body sculpt away excess pounds by activating thin genes and suppressing fat ones. The heart of Dr. Barnard’s book is a three-week gene-control program specifically designed to help you identify your gene types by asking questions like:

What’s your genetic taste type?
Do you strongly dislike Brussels sprouts? Are some desserts too sweet to eat?
Is black coffee undrinkable?

If you answered yes to all three questions you’re a genetic bitter “taster” or
“supertaster” (as opposed to a “nontaster”). On page 24 you’ll find out how to work with your genetic taste type.

Is your appetite becoming harder to control?
Have diets made your appetite unpredictable? If so, your hunger-suppressing leptin gene might need a tune-up. (See page 59.)

Do you gain weight more easily than your friends?
Do you have difficulty losing weight no matter what you do? If so, the genes that set your metabolism might need a boost. (See page 71.)

Do you hate exercise?
If so, your genes may have overloaded you with sluggish Type II muscle cells. Learn how to change them on page 100.

Once we understand how the genes that control shape can be influenced, we can enjoy virtually the same effortless weight control as naturally thin people and reveal the healthy, vital body that nature intended us to have.

5 Stars Amazingly Delicious Recipes!
It is not to be believed how wonderful these recipes are! It even got me to eat eggplant (which I hate!), but now I buy it almost every week just to make the delectable “Eggplant Manicotti” recipe. Other favorite recipes from this book include, “Potato Enchiladas”, “Polenta Pizza” and “Lasagne Roll-Ups”. All the recipes are simple to prepare and I haven’t run across a single hard to find, strange or exotic ingredient I couldn’t find at my neighborhood grocery store. I have tried several of these 100% vegan (strict vegetarian) recipe’s and they have infused my daily meals with the flavor I never knew was missing.
This is now, officially my favorite cookbook.

To top it all off, every non-vegetarian who has tried the recipes I’ve made from this book have wanted the recipe for the dish afterwards.

I would also highly suggest you try, “Melody of India cuisine : tasteful new vegetarian recipes celebrating soy and tofu in traditional Indian foods” by Laxmi Jain, “The Uncheese Book”, “Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure” and my second favorite vegetarian cookbook of all times, “How it all Vegan”.

1 Star Think twice before wasting money on this book
Do not buy this book unless you believe all dairy, meats, and nuts are evil and should be banned! This man is an extreme vegan and for those who do not know what that is, it is a person that believes milk, eggs, nuts, fish, and meats will kill you. Feeding chicken to a child is the cause of obesity in America today! Even breastmilk is demonized. Now that I have that out of my system, the greastest disappointment with this book is the utter lack of theory and the studies to back it up. On virtually every page of all his books (yes, I have suffered through them) are wild opinions with no references whatsoever. For example, he states that in an uncontrolled study (or, in otherwords, unscientific) carbohydrates do not cause obesity but then just a few pages later states that carbohydrates may cause weight or fat gain. Now which is it? I was the most shocked on his recommendation that diets with no fats and just vegetables and grains provide enough fat. His idea of turning off the fat gene is not eating fat all together and if you eat enough vegetables and pasta you will no longer crave it. Oh please, if dieting were that easy we would all be thin. His idea of controling food cravings is stuffing yourself with pasta or cold cereal but please no butter or milk. He says that all nuts are bad because of the fat level but for those of you interested Cooking Light has reported a double-blind study of women eating nuts for a period of time and reported no weight gain. Nuts are also full of vitamins and antioxidants. I find difficulty in his continual statements that if a person does not agree with him and his medical cohorts they are confused and do not understand the greater knowledge. I wanted to find evidence that low-carbohydrate diets are bad and wanted legitimate data to back his assertions but the studies are just not there. So the bottom line is if you want a vegan life, go for it! You can look as gaunt and sickly as the author himself in just six weeks and be just as fanatical!

4 Stars Turn Off the Fat Genes: The Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight
My boyfriends brother had a heart attack had to have surgery and then found out he was a diabetic. He tried Dr. Neal Barnards book: Dr.Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes –because his doctor told him about it. He lost 40 pounds and got his diabetes under control, as well as, his cholestrol.

Then we found out I was at a very high risk for heart problems (it runs strong in my family line-it’s in the genes so to say) and I decided I would try this book out for my self without telling anyone.I surfed Amazon and found 2 other books by Dr. Barnard and bought them as well.

My doctor was amazed at the results and told me to keep doing what ever it is that I am doing. I told him I was using the recipts in the books and no exercise other then housework and yard work. He was amazed.

Turn off the Fat Genes:I found this book very helpful. And I used a lot of the recipes.

Since I have been using Neal Barnard’s books. I have manage to reduce my cholestor from 223 to 111 and my blood sugar has gone from a 9 to a 7.5 and I lost 7 pounds in one months time. I am very impressed.

I went total vegan in the beginning then I slipped up once when invited to dinner but, got right back on the life style change. Unless you have the support from your friends and family you should avoid them until you are very commited to this style of living LOL.(Just kidding next time bring a dish to pass that you can eat.) Believe me they can invite you to some very tempting dinners. And it seems like they are eating everything you aren’t suppose to like foods cooked with tons of butter, steak, white potatoes, gravy, biscuits, corn on the cob plus cake, pie and ice cream.

I bought 2 other books by Dr.Barnard from Amazon. Which if you are serious about a life style change you will find them equally helpful plus I bought a Glucose Index book.

Titles are: Dr.Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes (this is the bible so to say for my total commitment); Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard plus The Glucose Revolution. You can get all of these from Amazon as well. I have to tell you that they do repeat some of the same material in all of Dr.Barnard’s books but, I found it to be helpful to me because you forget a lot and there is a lot of different material and recipes in each book. So it is worth it to me.

There is so much to remember and try out. I plan on continuing to use a vegan diet at least until I get everything under control and then maybe going to a vegetarian diet in the end. Not sure yet LOL only time will tell. I may find the vegan diet the best for me. Good luck with your diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and weight control.

5 Stars Science we need to know and FAT
TURN OFF THE FAT GENE is such an effective book, I sent a copy to my son who has a wonderful figure so doesn’t need the advice to turn off the fat gene. It’s a really great book from which one can learn lots about what carbohydrates to eat and those to control, and what makes the fat, and what is stored in the body. Stored in the body. That’s the best. I was almost a vegan when I read it, and now I am a vegan. Yes, my hand still hovers over the meat products, but I feel great. I’m not a holy vegan. I had clam chowder when I went to dinner at a restaurant a few days ago. Try this book and pass on the good word. It’s terrific.

2 Stars Nothing new. Not for health knowledgeable readers
I picked up this book, thinking it had something new on healthy eating. Big error! Barnard presents nothing new. Eat whole grains, don’t skip meals, eat several small meals, fruits, vegetables and the other lingo that any health conscious reader already knows.

I was expecting to read about how food xyz sparks gene abc and causes weight gain or loss. Instead, I got a lot of theory without intelligent analysis of the data.

His blasting of fat is a joke!! He postulates fat-free eating?! That I would say be careful, fat is good, it is just the type of fat. Cut down on the saturated. He even says no to Olive oil!! Now that totally put me off.

His write off on meats, chicken etc is another joke. Argentina main food is meat yet less than 2 in 10 people are overweight. Studies have shown that the bad rap for meat is misplaced and I agree. I think we should examine what we feed our meat. All that genetic modification is the culprit!

In all, save your money. Nothing new, trust me…unless your are a beginner, even then, be careful.

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