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Posted by Quadaffi G.

So Jason Statham, the guy who played Turkish in Snatch (one of my favorite movies) is in an issue of Men's Health. The guy is completely ripped and he attributes it to his diet. He says he doesn't eat sugar or flour, no sweets or bread. I want to be pretty ripped when I'm 40 so I'm giving up sweets and bread.
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I think giving up sweets is doable, but I commemorate you for giving up bread. Are you giving up carbs in general or just bread? By the way, Snatch is a good movie :)
I'm going to try this for 6 weeks. No carbs, sweets, or alcohol. I just want to see two things 1. Can I do it? 2. How my body will react to it. And here is a hyperlink to the article...>1=10514
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