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Trying to look at this “cancer thing” with some sense of logic

Posted Jun 23 2013 5:19pm

Cancer rates amongst Japanese Americans [seem to] become similar to cancer rates of Americans, AFTER adopting the American lifestyle and diet.

BTW, in case it needs to be said, I am not advocating going out and eating Sushi to stay healthy. I'm not a super big Sushi fan myself. I'm into the art of the blog, and like to give an aesthetic presentation for the five minutes that someone stops here, especially on more scientific subject matters.

I was taught as a kid, the way to find the solution to a problem is to first isolate the cause.

The main theme I keep making about cancer is that I think we are living in the dark ages without using our God-given sense of of logic, the same when they were living in the dark 700 years ago pertaining to the Plague .

In my mind, it seems like we can logically isolate the causes of this disease if we stop think a second, and look at the may examples right in front of our faces such as Japanese Nationals vs. Japanese Americans as it relates to cancer rates.

HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE OF JAPANESE-AMERICAN ELDERS Marianne K.G. Tanabe, M.D. Department of Geriatric Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine University of Hawaii makes the quote in their document:

"Ovarian and prostate cancer [amongst Japanese nationals] is also low, although longer residence in North America has been correlated with an increase in risk for prostate cancer…………..Likewise colon cancer seems to be increasing with the adaptation to Western diets."

A quote from The Preventative Center , An Overview, published in Cancer and Diet, East West Foundation, Boston, Mass., 1980. stated that…..

"….Within three generations, however, Japanese immigrants in the U.S. shift from the cancer incidence patterns common in Japan to those common in the United States. This shift correlates with a change from the standard Japanese way of eating to the modern American one"

In an article written by Diana Santini , M.D Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York Steven Shiff, MD The Rockefeller University, New York, the article states that……..

"….Investigators observed that Japanese natives developed colon cancer less often than US citizens did. However, after living in the US for many years, these migrants developed colon cancer at rates similar to other US citizens."

In a article called Breast Cancer Differences in Ethnic Populations by Kathy Steligo, she wrote

"…..Foreign-born Asians have some of the lowest breast cancer rates in the world, but their risk increases quickly when they adopt a Western diet and lifestyle. Rates are increasing in Japan, for instance, and Asians who migrate to the U.S. or are born here have a risk similar to average American women. Chinese American and Japanese American women have higher rates of breast cancer compared to women of the same age in China and Japan."


"Why prostate cancer is rare in Asia but common in the West has not yet been fully explained. A genetic explanation alone is not sufficient because the relative protection from Prostate Cancer in Asian men begins to disappear when these men immigrate to the West."

In an article by the California Breast Cancer Research Program it makes the statement that……

"In California, Japanese American women get breast cancer at a rate almost as high as white women, the group with the highest rate of the disease".

F.Y.I., women in Japan are three times less likely than American women to get this disease, as this chart illustrates .

Remember, the Japanese diet evolved over centuries to the specific of that culture, climate, the biochemistry of those people, the availability of certain foods, etc.

Although overall cancer rates in Japan are noticeably lower than in the USA, a few types of cancer in Japanese are higher than Americans, namely liver, colorectal, and stomach cancer. Even there, studies link these high cancer rates to issues in the Japanese diet, such as eating excessive cured meats relative to the USA

This whole thing is not just a Japanese Phenomena, as I found the same of other cultures taken out of their natural habitats, such as Africans, Inuit Indians (Eskimos), Aboriginies, and others.

None of this solves the puzzle, it just helps isolate the possible causes of the problem, which seems to be diet as opposed to genetics or just random "getting hit with a disease for no reason other than bad luck".

An American in good health could be just as vulnerable to disease after moving somewhere else and adopting their diet and lifestyle.

We have all we need within us, and all the information outside of us that is necessary for us to live a disease free, happy, healthy long life….if we choose to go after it.

~stay healthy~


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