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Trying New Things

Posted Oct 20 2008 4:31am

The best thing that has come out of the past year of trying new healthy foods, is my kids willingness to try, new and healthy foods. In fact, they are much more likely to try something new if I tell them it’s healthy than not.  They are developing a taste for healthy things. Although they don’t like it all, they are willing to try everything now.  This was not the case a year ago.  They refused many foods I offered.


So to encourage new, different, and healthy food, we all took a trip to the grocery store to choose something we have never tried.  This is what they came home with:

It was a ten pound Banana Squash. They were excited to see what was inside, to find a recipe for it, and to taste it when we were done.  We tried a dish from Allrecipes called Citris Glazed Squash.

At this point, I don’t think it’s essential that the kids “love” something or not. They didn’t hate it. They tasted it. They learned what it was. And best of all, they knew it was good for them, so they ate some.  This is a copy of the recipe we tried.   I have a friend that posted a better looking soup recipe for squash. I think I’ll try that next.  (we still have about 9 pounds of it left). Her recipe is here.

Challenge of the day.  Take your kids shopping. Let them choose something from the produce department to explore together.   Have you done this?  What did they come home with?

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