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Try It: A Really Good Knife

Posted Apr 27 2010 10:30am

I asked you guys which kitchen goodie to get — wok, cast-iron skillet, or a good knife — and lots of you weighed in (THANKS!). But one choice seemed to get more backing than the others, and it just made sense: A GOOD KNIFE.

You guys gave me lots of recs for brands, but one seemed to stand out in the crowd. Wusthof has a great reputation, and since they sell the brand on Sur la Table (where I had to use my gift card), I was sold. I went with the classic 8” cook’s knife.

If you already use really good knives, you probably don’t even remember how much more annoying prep work is without them. But I’ve used mediocre knives for as long as I can remember, and I’m doing enough cooking now to warrant an investment in something high-quality. I picked a cook/chef’s knife because it seemed to be pretty versatile. From KitchenScoop :

Chef’s knives (sometimes called cook’s knives) are designed so that the triangular-shaped blade extends out past where your fingers grip the handle (knuckle clearance). That means you can balance the knife edge on the cutting board, and with a smooth rocking and rotating action, chop or mince in an instant.

The wide blade makes for easy scooping of whatever you’ve minced — from tiny pieces of fresh garlic to larger cuts of onion. The longer blade also works wonders on big fruit like cantaloupe and watermelons. Large pieces of meat are a never a struggle when you’re wielding a chef’s knife.

The Wusthof is just brilliant. It makes chopping almost effortless — and even better, such a pleasure! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants a less expensive — but still high-quality — versatile knife.

If you’re a budding chef, I don’t think you need to buy a whole set of great knives. Just one or two go such a long way. To add to my small but growing collection, I might try a Henkels knife next. I tried their 4” paring knife at a friend’s house over the weekend and loved it! And my girl Jordan swears by her R.H. Forshner/Victorinox knives (they run a bit cheaper). Fans of other cutlery brands, let me know!

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